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Top Gun Mobility Scooters


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    E-Chair / Portable / Mid-Size / Large Mobility Scooters

    Top Gun Mobility Scooters are the fastest-growing mobility scooter wholesalers in Australia. They have created a niche for themselves with a versatile and distinctive range of mobility scooters to suit varied needs and requirements. Lightweight portables, even one that transform to an e-chairs, to heavy-duty large mobility scooters, some with canopies, Top Gun Mobility Scooters have become a go-to name in the mobility world. This in part is due to the incorporation of the latest technology and at very competitive prices. In Addition, all the equipment comes with a 5-year transferable warranty, a first in the industry, which makes owning these fantastical freedom rides a breeze.

    At Mobility Scooters for Hire Sales Service Melbourne, we are proud to be the only exclusive dealer of Top Gun Mobility Scooters in the Northern Melbourne region. We are suppliers of their world-class equipment at exceptional prices and will deliver free of charge across Melbourne.

    With the superb dashboard electronics and LCD screens, riding a Top Gun mobility scooter is an experience in itself. So, opt for independence and begin exploring on your own with these contemporary designed scooters that have sturdy and dependable built quality with exceptional suspension, tyres, excellent braking, amazing acceleration and highly responsive speed control even at high speeds. Top Gun Mobility Scooters prioritises safety by conforming to European safety standards and CE markings. It has outstanding turning circle capability, with a powerful battery and load-bearing capabilities at competitive pricing. You cannot go wrong with your choice of a Top Gun scooter or e-chair. True to their motto – ‘Wheels for Life’, you’re getting solid and dependable wheels for life. When you choose to buy your Top Gun Mobility Scooter from us, we come to you to show a demo, guide and teach you on the optimum usage, and you can do a demo test drive. We are an NDIS registered supplier and will guide you through buying the most optimum mobility scooter by understanding your needs and requirements.

    Would you like to view/have a demonstration/ask a question? Phone the hire sales service hotline (03) 7036 4440

    Check out the commercial video clips. 30 sec and 15 sec Top Gun Mobility Scooter’s exclusive Northern Melbourne Dealer presents with a five year transferable warranty ! TopGun Five Year Warranty

    Superb electronics, mid / large size scooters with LCD screens, latest suspension technology, good acceleration to high speed, good braking, excellent speed control even with full speed selected, and all gentle without aggressiveness, giving the best driving experience ever.
    And remember, the motor sizes are continuous rating, not maximum as many others are listed.
    CE marking, conforms to European Safety Standards.
    Dealers No. 1 pick !

    Top Gun Accessories & Parts Comparison charts (opens in new tab) Small to large std mobility scootersCanopy / bariatric / Tranzforma Check out the commercial video clips.

    Top Gun Mobility also offers a free FREE 12 months 24/7 Roadside Assistance Plan with the purchase of a Top Gun Mobility Scooter.Terms and Conditions


    What is the most popular mobility scooter?

    The Top Gun Mobility Scooter Tranzforma is a popular choice. It is an e-chair, and mobility scooter both put together. Inside, with the e-chair, you can ride with confidence due to its excellent manoeuvrability, and within minutes you can have it ‘Transzformed’ to a mobility scooter ready to go outside. Its lightweight, with a powerful battery, puncture-proof tyres and is built with several must-have features.

    What is the best mobility scooter for the money?
    Are the Top Gun range of scooters the best on the market?
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