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Factory 25/58 Mahoneys Rd, Thomastown VIC 3074
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      Our business premises is located at Factory 25/58 Mahoneys Rd, Thomastown VIC 3074

      If you choose to buy on the spot:

      • 5% off of the sale price for buying the Showroom model *some exclusions may apply for certain brands or models
      • You won’t have to pay a Delivery Fee for scooters that are not portable!
      • Delivery within 3-5 business days


      The following items are involved in a mobility scooter service:

      • Mechanical repairs
      • Electronic Repairs
      • Tyre service and replacement when necessary
      • Battery and Charger testing and repairs/replacement
      • Chassis repairs, including the seat
      • Logbook services
      • Other parts supply as needed.

      Depending on the frequency of use, a mobility scooter should be serviced every 6-12 months. When you opt for our mobility scooter servicing, we offer service programs and log your services for future purposes.

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