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Vic Roads Motorised Mobility Devices Guide


    Vic Roads Motorised Mobility Devices Guide

    • Read this resource – it is very good

      Main Points

    • You may use a mobility scooter if you have difficulty walking
    • You are classed as a pedestrian and must obey the same rules of the road
    • You must use a footpath if available
    • Maximum speed on a footpath is 10 kph
    • If no footpath you may use the road
    • On the road you must be on the right hand side facing oncoming traffic
    • You do not need to register the mobility scooter or have a drivers license
    • DEATHS – from using a motorised mobility device
      2/3 involved a motor vehicle
      45% happened while crossing roads !
      1/3 of these deaths occurred while on a pedestrian crossing
      1/3 of all deaths resulted from falling off the mobility scooter !
      Check this resource for details
    • BE CAREFUL – especically watch for vehicles reversing out of driveways.
    • ENJOY your freedom
    • You may download the Vic Roads Motorised Mobility Device pdf file here (870 kb)
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