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Returns & Refund Policies


    Returns and Refund Policy:

    We generally do not accept returns or refunds if you change your mind or choose a product that is not suitable. Exceptions are always considered, but subject to the discretion of the company. Mobility Scooters for Hire Sale Service provides a warranty for all new products. In the event of a failure whilst the product is under warranty, and the failure is deemed a fault not caused by the user, your product will be repaired, replaced or refunded by Mobility Scooters for Hire Sale Service or an authorized agent in a timely manner.

    Odometer readings on Mobility Scooters:

    Our products go through short-distance maintenance and testing, including a technical analysis pre-sale. This testing is done both by the manufacturer, and by our professional technical department at Mobility Scooters for Hire Sale Service. This is performed twice at our location: First with the arrival of the shipment, and secondly prior to getting delivered to the customer. This means that all scooters will have a reading on the odometer, if one is available. 

    For our specialized Luxury Enclosed Mobility Scooters, it is not uncommon for them to have pre-sale odometer readings around 20km – 40km. This is due to vigorous testing performed, as well as trials by a number of interested buyers. We do not accept a return or refund due to the mileage on the odometer. If the mileage is more than 50km, it will specifically be noted on the sale. 

    Pre-Orders Deposits:

    In certain circumstances, customers may be required to make a deposit on products they wish to purchase. These deposits are non-refundable, and the general deposit is 10%.

    In the event of a cancelled sale, the non-refundable deposit may be used in the purchase of another product. In certain circumstances, the customer may not be eligible to return the product, if it has left the supplier.

    Applying for a Return or Refund:

    If you wish to return a product, you must contact the Company to obtain authorization. The product must be returned in the original packaging, unused and the refund will be replied on receipt, after evaluating the product. Any damage or devaluation will be deducted from the value.

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