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Mobility Ramp Hire

Mobility Scooters Ramps, access ramp, extendable ramps, aluminium ramps, steel ramp, folding ramp


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    Mobility Scooters for Hire presents you with an exclusive range of ramps for hire in Melbourne. Our ramps are completely safe and sturdy, giving you a hassle-free experience to enhance the quality of life for you and your loved ones. Get high-quality wheelchair ramps for rental at the earliest by contacting us today.

    At Mobility Scooters for Hire Sales Service, we understand the importance of accessibility and inclusivity for individuals with limited mobility. That is why we offer portable ramp hire services, providing a convenient and practical solution to overcome architectural barriers and make spaces more accessible. When you choose our portable ramp hire, you can trust that we provide you with high-quality and reliable accessibility solutions.

    Our portable ramps are designed to be versatile and easy to use. Whether you need to navigate steps, curbs, or uneven surfaces, our ramps provide a smooth transition, allowing you to access different environments with ease. They are lightweight and foldable, making them highly portable and convenient for transportation and storage. Our portable ramps are built to meet safety standards and are constructed with durable materials to ensure stability and reliability. They have slip-resistant surfaces and feature anti-slip grips or edges for added security.

    Rental Ramps for Wheelchairs

    Our Melbourne wheelchair ramps for hire are ideal for surfaces that are not the evenest. We provide you with highly secure ramps for rental purposes. Our folding ramps contain pinch points as well that help you open and close them with utmost ease. You can easily fold these ramps and store them in an ideal place in your house.

    Hire mobility ramps that help you balance your wheelchair to facilitate moving around your house or office. Our mobility ramps available for hire are of ideal thickness to bear a decent amount of weight. Although we do not recommend you to use our ramps at very steep angles, the loading capacity of our ramps is quite high compared to other ramps in the market.

    Our ramps are easily available for hire in Melbourne. These ramps can also be used during transportation as people with wheelchairs need to travel to places outside the house. Our ramps can easily be set at an ideal angle to move the wheelchair up and down.

    Hire ramps in Melbourne from Mobility Scooters for Hire. The ramps can be easily fixed at an angle. We recommend assistants and other people not stand beside the ramp. The ramps are ideal for climbs with more steps and ramps of multiple thicknesses can be included.

    Our rental ramps are ideal for small portable scooters. We also have ramps with double folds for easy carriage. You can easily carry these ramps in vehicles such as small SUVs, which is great for passengers that require wheelchair support.We have all types of wheelchair ramps for rent, including extendable ramps, aluminium ramps, steel ramps, folding ramps, mobility scooter ramps and access ramps. Rent wheelchair ramps at the lowest prices and get an experience of a lifetime.All our mobility ramps are quite sturdy and long-lasting. Our ramps come with a warranty and you can always contact us in case of any queries or issues. We make the best mobility ramp available for hire in Melbourne and throughout Australia.

    Hire wheelchair ramps in Melbourne to fulfil all your requirements and assure a comfortable life for you and your loved ones despite any disabilities or special conditions. Explore an exquisite range of ramps available on our website and contact us in case you are not able to find the ideal ramp for you.

    Call Mobility Scooters for Hire to know about the latest deals and discounts available on a range of ramps available with us. We provide you with the best quality products at your doorstep. Our customer care executives are there to help you at every step of your purchase and thereafter. Contact us today to hire high-quality wheelchair ramps in Melbourne.

    All hires are invoiced for the duration expected up to four weeks max and paid for in advance.
    For long term hire, invoices are a maximum four weekly paid for in advance on invoice.

    Delivery / collection, 2.50/km + 25.00 (all charges included) one way from base in Reservoir.

    Days over return date / late return ; 1-3 days -weekly 20%; 4-7 days weekly rate.

    DANGER :  Read this before proceeding. Ramps can cause serious injury and death !

    • Use ramps on stable and level surface only
    • Secure ramps if possible
    • Pinch points exist on all folding ramps, watch fingers / hands when opening and closing
    • DO NOT ride equipment up or down ramps
    • Do not raise to too steep an angle, about 450 mm for 900 mm ramps and 1 m for 1.8+ m ramps
    • Do not exceed maximum ramp loading capacity
    • It is recommended to push equipment up ramp, get help if required.
    • If driving, stand in front of scooter, reverse drive up the ramp.
    • It is recommended to not stand beside the ramp.

    Ramps User Info – please read for your safety

    Please Note when hiring

    When booking dates for your desired product, dates will be greyed out when unavailable as another customer will be booked in for their hire at those times. Note: Customers have first preference when it comes to extending their hires. This means that if that if they wish to extend their hires, your hire may get pushed back until their hire is finished. We will be sure to find alternate arrangements to ensure that you can still hire a mobility product in the meantime.

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