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Enclosed Mobility Scooters


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    Luxury Enclosed Mobility Scooters for Sale

    Are you searching for a mobility solution that allows you to venture outdoors regardless of the weather? Look no further than our collection of enclosed mobility scooters at Mobility Scooters for Hire Sales Service. We understand the importance of staying mobile and independent, even in inclement weather. That is why we offer a range of all-weather mobility scooters designed to provide you with comfort, protection, and freedom.

    Our all-weather scooters are built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring you can travel with peace of mind. Whether it is rain, wind, or cold temperatures, our scooters are designed to keep you comfortable and protected. The cabin mobility scooter provides a shield from external elements. You will experience enhanced comfort and protection as you travel, allowing you to maintain your mobility and independence regardless of the weather outside. The scooter cabin is equipped with the latest featured for comfort and safety.

    The ultimate luxury in mobility scooters with a fully covering enclosure, with heating and cooling, so you are ready for any weather. The Luxury Enclosed Mobility Scooters are brand new and are the perfect one-person mini ride fully equipped with the latest tech in dashboard electronics and exterior headlights and tail lamps. Powerful and stylish, the enclosed mobility scooters are extremely functional and high performing with enough storage space, powerful battery, and the best for use on the footpaths, bicycle paths, wide paths, cycle ways, road tracks, roads, and open spaces.

    We have the top-selling Luxury Enclosed Mobility Scooters that makes you feel like royalty!

    Wombat Mobility Scooter

    One of our popular models is the Wombat Mobility Scooter. This rugged and versatile scooter features a fully enclosed cabin with windows, windshield wipers, and a heater. It is specifically designed to tackle challenging terrains and adverse weather conditions, ensuring you can navigate your surroundings with ease.

    At Mobility Scooter for Hire Sales Service, our LEMS, Luxury Enclosed Mobility Scooters are available in number of makes and models, multiple colours, are EEC / EC / CCC / ISO 9001 certified and all other manufacturing certifications, meeting all international standards.

    Even having air-con and come packed with the latest safety and user features, like four wheel disk brakes, rear-view camera, LCD dashboard, LED lights, sunroofs (skylights), locking doors and electric windows, rear opening window, heater / demister and air-con, window wiper with washer, and other car-like features.

    And all our LEMS now come with a large Lithium battery capable of long distances.

    You do not need to have a driver’s license, and the LEMS does not need to be registered except in Queensland.
    The LEMS is not a motor vehicle, and as such cannot be registered as a motor vehicle and is not permitted to drive on the road as a motor vehicle, and must follow the rules of a mobility scooter, a pedestrian and a cycle.

    Safer than a standard mobility scooter, and much, much more comfortable. You will not be disappointed.

    Colour options for the Daisy LEMS click here 

    Interested in Secondhand LEMS? View our Secondhand Luxury Enclosed Mobility Scooters

    Enclosed Electric Scooter with Warranty

    Our cabin enclosed electric mobility scooters are fully assembled when shipped and are ready to use right away. In addition, we offer a 12 months warranty on our products.
    Engineered for bariatric purposes, our luxury enclosed electric mobility scooters are built for convenient mobility infused with luxurious features for comfort and safety.

    Delivery Services

    If delivery location is within 100km travelling distance of our office in Thomastown, Delivery is FREE.
    If over 100km travelling distance from our base, there is a delivery charge of $1.50 per km from our office.
    Note: This is an estimated price quote based on the transporter, and delivery prices may be higher or lower depending on exact location.

    Agent Locations

    We have dealers / agents in the following areas:

    • Victoria, Melbourne
    • Pending dealer in South Australia, Adelaide


    Can you drive a mobility scooter or LEMS without a driving License?

    You don’t need a license to drive a mobility scooter.

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