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    Mobility Scooters for Hire Sale Service Melbourne Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some frequently asked questions by many among our customer base

    Yes we do, delivery details are on all pages for rental, one way only. Our standard costs are $2.50/km + $25 (Base fee) plus GST from our business in Thomastown to the delivery address.

    Customers can also choose to organise their own transport / taxi service / uber to collect, if required.

    No, we do not provide servicing on-site. If necessary, you may need to use a maxi taxi to bring your mobility device to our base location. We can then return following completion of service.

    Yes, most popular products, as well as special imports are in stock (2-5 day delivery depending), or are readily available from our importers in about five days. Some rarely sold items may require to be imported (6 – 16 week delivery). However, due to current global circumstances from COVID-19 shipping/importing may be delayed more than usual. Please keep this in mind, and discuss with our staff.

    This depends on a few important factors:
    • The size of the scooter
    • Battery size
    • The weight of the person driving the scooter
    • Driving style
    • The terrain that the scooter will be driven on
    • Driving on inclines/steep slopes

    All of which affects the travel distance and how long the batteries will last when you drive your mobility device. As a general rule; Small/Portable scooters can typically travel between 10km – 20km. Medium-Sized scooters 20km – 30km and Large-Sized scooters 30km – 40km.

    Note: The ranges stated above are general ranges and NOT to be taken as fact for all mobility scooters. You must ensure that you refer to the owners manual that comes with your mobility scooter to find the travel range stated per the manufacturer – specific for your scooter.

    For most mobility scooters, you should keep them on charge when you are not using them. That way, you can ensure that your mobility scooter is fully charged at all times. For scooters that have lithium batteries you should only keep them on charge until they are fully charged. That is because if they stay on charge long after they are full they can become damaged due to being overcharged.

    Note: You should NOT leave any scooter off charge for any prolonged period of time (weeks or months) if you can avoid it. This will cause the battery to flatten and potentally require replacing of the batteries.

    Generally, we recommend you have your device serviced once every 1-2 years at the latest. Over time, through ongoing use of mobility scooters, it becomes more likely for wear and tear to progress to the point where certain parts malfunction or worse fail when we need our mobility most. Through regular servicing we can pinpoint potential issues or risks with your mobility device as well as performing maintenance to ensure that your machine operates at its optimum capacity before those unfortunate scenarios occur.
    If you wish to arrange a service or repair with us for your mobility device head to our Service page for more information.

    Queensland is the only state where you need to register your mobility scooter. Every other state in Australia does not require you to register your mobility scooter.

    Usually, customers who are currently hiring a mobility scooter, manual or electric wheelchair, or other mobility item have precedence with whether they wish to extend their hire or not. What we can do is list you down as being the next in line to hire that mobility product as soon as it becomes available next.
    Alternatively, this could take quite some time depending on the customer using the mobility device so we recommend that we arrange for a similar mobility scooterelectric or manual wheelchair, kneescoot or walker in the meantime if you urgently require a mobility device for hire.

    For our international customers, we follow the “DD/MM/YYYY” date format.

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