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Financial/Payment Options


    Financial/Payment Options

    To assist customers who would like financial support to purchase a mobility scooter or other mobility device outright, Mobility Scooters for Hire Sale Service has prepared a list of companies who offer Finance Options.

    Customers are able to obtain a “personal loan” from any financial institution, provided basic requisites are met.

    The Loan may be “unsecured” – in that there is nothing to back up the loan, or the alternative is a “secured loan”.

    For a secured loan, the security is most usually ownership of property, sometimes a motor vehicle, or other assets that the financial provider could claim to offset non-payment.
    A secured loan has a substantially lower interest rate as the risk to the provide is much lower.
    Certain listed Finance Institutions may also have interest-free loans but remember nothing is free in this world.

    Customers will need to contact the Finance Institution to organise the loan.
    A quote for the product may need to be obtained from Mobility Scooters for Hire Sale Service to assist in the application process – please make contact with the Company to obtain a quote.

    Finance Organizations:

    You can apply to get financial assistance from:

    Organisation Contact Information Brief Additional Info
    Vic Health Website: Victorian Aids and Equipment Program Subject to eligibility requirements under Victoria State Government
    NDIS Website: Phone: 1800 800 110 How to apply: Eligibility Requirements:
    My Aged Care Website: Phone: 1800 200 422 Finding a Provider: Are you eligible: Assessment Process:
    Salvation Army Preston Address: 263 Gower Street, Preston 3072 Phone: 1300 371 288 Website: No Interest Loan Program. Requested a call back. This is a Darebin council recommendation. Please look at different funding options available from your respective City Councils
    McQuarrie Bank Website: Phone: (02) 8232 3333 Call them to enquire
    Humm Website: Contact Humm to arrange for the loan:
    DIVRS – Darebin Information Volunteer and resource Service Phone: 03 9480 8200 Email: [email protected] Funding up to $2000.00 if you meet the requirements (please call their office) No-Interest Loan. Covers anyone in Melbourne. Funding possible for scooter purchase, if you meet requirements.
    RACV Website: Personal Loans Debt Consolidation:
    SAVVY Contact Michael on: 0870892329 Email: [email protected] Personal Loans:
    Good Money Stores Website: No Interest Loans:
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