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    Bandit – TG100R

    Additional information


    Top Gun TG100R – Bandit Portable Mobility Scooter, 4-Wheel Scooter, Pull Apart For Easy Transport, 136kg Load Capacity, Many Colours Available




    Top Gun TG100R “Bandit”

    Top Gun is excited to be able to introduce the baby of their range, the TG100r BANDIT !
    Just the right size to get you started.

    Don’t be fooled by it’s size, this little scooter has a 300W engine and a maximum load weight of 136kg.

    This is the most powerful, most comfortable fully dismantable portable mobility scooter on the market, another first for Top Gun.

    And yes, it has a Five year Limited Warranty that is transferable !


    • 300W motor / Most portables have either 200 or 250W motors
    • Maybe the fastest portable (a faster not known)
    • Greatest ground clearance
    • Full front / rear suspension
    • Pneumatic tyres, yes at last comfort on those footpaths with cracks and bumps !
    • Detachable battery pack for off board charging and portability
    • Adjustable height seat
    • Flip up and width adjustable armrests
    • Adjustable angle tiller
    • Quickly dismantles without tools for easy transport and storage

    Clinical Justifications for Top Gun Bandit

    • 136kg Load Capacity
    • Pneumatic Tyres – Softest ride small scooter
    • Sliding Seat – Adjust to multiple leg lengths. Swings for easy mount and dismount
    • Adjustable height seat
    • Flip up and width adjustable armrests
    • Adjustable angle tiller
    • 4 wheel adjustable suspension – Giving driver the smoothest possible ride in their weight class.
    • Plush seat depth – Best comfort level in class
    • Pull apart – Pulls apart for easy transport or storage
    • Quickly dismantles without tools for easy transport and storage
    • Super bright lighting – Lighting and reflector package ensures driver safety even in darkness


    Available ColoursRed / Blue / Grey / White

    Length: 108 cm

    Width50.5 cm

    Height: 87 cm

    Weight: 60 kg

    Weight without battery: 47 kg

    Weight of Individual Parts: Front section 19.1kg
    Rear section 15.8kg
    Seat 11.4kg
    Battery box (20Ah) 13.0 kg
    Front basket 0.6kg

    Weight Capacity: 136 kg

    Turning radius: 110 cm

    Maximum speed: 6.8 km / hr

    Maximum range *: Up to 25 km ( in ideal conditions )

    Maximum slope: 12°

    Ground clearance: 7.5 cm

    Suspension: Front and Rear

    Drive train: 24 V Sealed Mid Transaxle

    Braking: Electric Warner 24 V Brake

    Wheel Hubs: Aluminium Alloy

    Tyres front: 9″ Pneumatic

    Tyres rear: 9″ Pneumatic

    Tyres pressure: 30 – 35 psi

    Drive System: Rear sealed transaxel

    Motor: 300 W Motor

    Batteries: 2 x 12 V x 20 Ah

    Battery charger: 24V 2Ah

    * Varies with user weight, terrain type, driving style, battery charge, battery condition, temperature, and tyre / wheel type and condition. Information taken from manufacturers specifications.

    Additional Information

    Top Gun Range
    User Manual
    Top Gun Accessories
    24/7 Roadside Assistance Brochure    *if you have not received contact from the Road Side Assistance Program within 3 weeks of purchasing your device, please contact Mobility Scooters for Hire Sale Service


    This is to certify that your Top Gun Mobility product offers a 5 Year Warranty from the date of original purchase. Should a defect or operating fault arise within this period the Dealer, from where the product was originally purchased, should be notified immediately. Failure to register the fault may invalidate the warranty.

    The Dealer from where the product was purchased is responsible for any warranty repairs. Top Gun Mobility warrants that if a fault occurs within this period due to faulty workmanship or materials that the product will be repaired (or replaced at the Company’s discretion) free of charge. Any unauthorised modifications will invalidate the warranty.

    Component parts replaced outside this period carry a six-month warranty. (Standard terms and conditions apply for this period).

    Top Gun Bandit:

    Five-Year Warranty

    • Structural frame components, including platform, fork, seat post, and frame welds (excludes Canopy & Canopy framework)
    • Drivetrain, including differential, motor, and brake.

    Two-Year Warranty

    Your Top Gun Mobility Scooter is fully guaranteed for two (2) years from the date of purchase against faults arising due to defects in manufacture or materials. This warranty does not detract from but is in addition to your legal rights.

    All electronic parts, including controllers, batteries and battery chargers, have a one (1) year warranty. Servicing to the controller, batteries or battery charger must be carried out by your authorised Top Gun Mobility Provider. Any attempt to open or dismantle these items renders the guarantee void on that item.

    Not Covered Under Warranty

    The guarantee does not extend to those items which may need replacement due to normal wear and tear (tyres, belts, bulbs, upholstery, plastic shrouds, motor brushes, fuses, and batteries), or damage to the product caused by misuse or accident for which Top Gun Mobility or its agent cannot be held responsible. This warranty does not include service calls or external bolt on components such as a canopy or canopy framework.

    Transport/Call Out costs

    As the owner you must bear the cost of transporting the unit to the dealer or should you decide to have the dealer come to you, you must bear the cost of the dealers call out fee. Your dealer may choose to waive this cost, but this will be at the dealers discretion only and separate to TopGun Mobility’s warranty terms and conditions.

    Warranty Service Period

    The service intervals are every 500klm or every twelve (12) months from date of purchase, whichever occurs first. We recommend using a Top Gun Mobility Service Provider. Proof of annual service (paid invoice receipts) must be kept and provided upon any warranty claim. This warranty will be void if annual servicing is not carried out.

    Service Checks and Warranty Service

    Warranty service can be performed by an authorised Top Gun Mobility Provider. Please contact your authorised Top Gun Mobility Provider for advice on the current cost affecting the service visit.

    Commercial Use

    Any TopGun Mobility products used in a commercial application will only be covered by a 12-month warranty from the purchase date and will be excluded from any coverage mentioned in the warranty relating to 5 (five) or 3 (three) year warranty. All other conditions in this warranty will apply.

    Storage Instructions

    Always store in a dry area protected from freezing to avoid damage to the scooter and premature wear of the batteries. Avoid exposure to rain, snow, ice, salt or stagnant water. Keep your scooter clean and dry.

    Never expose the electronic components of the scooter to humidity (rain, snow, mist, or water from washing), as it may damage electronic circuits.

    Always store your scooter with batteries fully charged. When storing the scooter for more than two weeks, charge the batteries and disconnect them.  During the storage, check the charge once a month and recharge the batteries as needed. You must complete a full charge cycle every month or damage to batteries can occur.

    Avoid extreme temperature of hot and cold during storage. Freezing can damage low charged batteries and they may become unusable.


    1. All transportation costs associated with the submission and return of parts for repair or replacement under warranty (as determined by TopGun Mobility) are the responsibility of the original customer.
    2. Normal wear items are not covered under this warranty. These include such items as brushes, tyres, tubes, brake pads, upholstery, seating and arm rests.
    3. Damage caused by:
      • Excessive, abusive, misuse, negligence or accident.
      • Improper maintenance, maintenance carried out by non-approved “WARRANTY DEALER”.
      • Improper operation or storage.
      • Any Commercial use.
      • Fitment of NON-Manufacturer approved accessories.
        Resulting damage attributed to the NON-Manufacturer approved accessory or correction of the unit to operate as intended once the accessory has been removed will not be covered under warranty.
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