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Electric Wheelchair For Sale


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    Are you seeking a reliable and advanced mobility solution that combines convenience, comfort, and freedom? Look no further than our selection of electric wheelchairs at Mobility Scooters for Hire Sales Service. We understand the importance of independence and ease of mobility, which is why we offer a range of motorised wheelchairs for sale. Whether you are looking for an automatic wheelchair or a folding electric wheelchair, we have you covered. Our collapsible electric wheelchairs offer unmatched convenience and are available at competitive prices.

    Our electric wheelchairs are equipped with powerful and efficient motors, providing you with effortless manoeuvrability and independence. With just a touch of a button, you can effortlessly navigate through various terrains and environments.

    We offer lightweight folding electric wheelchairs that are designed for ease of transport and storage. These wheelchairs feature innovative folding mechanisms that allow you to fold and unfold them, making them ideal for travel and easy storage in tight spaces quickly and conveniently. If you need folding electric wheelchair for sale, explore the options that we have here

    High-Performing Electric Wheelchair For Sale

    Electric wheelchairs have become an absolute necessity for people with disabilities or having limited mobility. Robust design, built for stability and versatile terrain, electric wheelchairs open up immense possibilities to live life to the fullest. There are amazing feature-rich electric wheelchairs for sale at MSFH. We strive to have the widest range of electric wheelchairs for sale, so we have something for everyone’s needs. You can find the ultimate portable all-terrain electric wheelchairs, sturdy designed ones with leg raisers, light e-chairs that are portable and easily dismantlable at our store, market-leading competitive prices.

    Electric wheelchairs need to be safe, easy to manoeuvre, comfortable to sit in for hours and go over a range of terrain. As the authorised dealer for many electric wheelchairs in North Melbourne, we have a large stock of electric wheelchairs for sale. All our electric/power wheelchairs for sale come with a warranty and the assurance of excellent after-sales services from us. Whether in ensuring regular maintenance and services or supply of parts or accessories for your electric wheelchair, we have you covered with our team of experts and a large stock of parts inventory.

    Exclusive collection of Motorised Wheelchairs in Australia

    At Mobility Scooters For Hire Sale Service Melbourne, we have an exclusive collection of motorised wheelchairs in Australia. We have in store electric wheelchairs with both mid-wheel, and rear-wheel drive motorised wheelchairs. The mid-wheel drive motorised wheelchairs have excellent maneuverability indoors and stability with six wheels. In comparison, rear-wheel-drive motorised wheelchairs is for active users with a smooth and intuitive ride. It is good to go on higher speeds on multiple terrains.

    We are an NDIS registered provider and can purchase your motorised wheelchair from us from the NDIS fund.

    Reputed dealer for Power Wheelchairs in Melbourne

    Over the years, we have built a loyal base of customers thanks to our team’s professionalism, polite and promptness to cater to their needs. We understand the needs of our customers who are either looking for power wheelchairs in Melbourne for themselves or their loved ones and wish to make their buying experience as happy and hassle-free as possible.

    To buy our electric/power wheelchairs for sale in Melbourne, all you need to do is call us and set up a time for the demonstration. We bring our demo piece to your doorstep, take you to step by step through the assembly, usage, and operation methodology, educate you on the safe and secure way to use the electric wheelchair, and you get to test ride it for yourself. We make sure to answer all your questions and doubts so that you can make a well-informed decision.

    Explore our vast selection of electric/power/motorised wheelchairs in Melbourne – we have provided specifications to help you choose what suits you best. Would you like to view/have a demonstration/ask a question? Phone the hire sales service hotline (03) 7036 4440.

    Electric Wheelchairs, E-Chairs, Power Chairs

    All items come with a warranty


    How much does a motorised wheelchair cost?

    There are multiple suppliers of motorised wheelchairs and there are many models with specific designs, features, battery types, load-bearing capabilities, portability, all-terrain drive. All of these factors determine the cost of the motorised wheelchair. At Mobility Scooters For Hire Sale Service, we have electric wheelchairs for sale in a range of $2900 to $5900.

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