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Factory 25/58 Mahoneys Rd, Thomastown VIC 3074
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Mini Electric Vehicles

Mini Electric Vehicles are small electric vehicles commonly known as Mini-EV’s. Mini-EV’s or Mini Electric Vehicles are very suitable for private property roads.

Such as larger business holdings, private properties, resorts, retirement villages and the like.


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    Mini Electric Vehicles for Sale – Liberator and Rover

    The Cheapest Four Seat Mini Electric Vehicles| Light Electric Vehicles | Mini-EV in Australia to buy – Guaranteed!

    The Cheapest Four Seat Mini Electric Vehicles| Light Electric Vehicles | Mini-EV in Australia to run – Guaranteed!

    The basic Liberator is the cheapest electric vehicle in the world!

    The Liberator and Rover Mini Electric Vehicles| Light Electric Vehicles, are amazing value performance for money, and are the perfect small electric car ride fully equipped with the latest tech in dashboard electronics and exterior headlight and tail lamps.

    Powerful and stylish, the Mini Electric Vehicles are extremely functional and high performing with enough storage space, powerful battery, and designed for private road use, such in resorts, retirement villages, private properties, rural, and even large businesses.

    Note : The Liberator and the Rover are not the cheapest Mini Electric Vehicles available from the manufacturer as both models have been upgraded, the liberator to have a 3kW Lithium battery, and the Rover upgraded with a large 4.8kW Lithium battery and an air conditioner.

    Both the Liberator and the Rover come packed with the latest safety and user features, like four-wheel disk brakes, rear-view camera, LCD dashboard, LED lights, locking doors and electric windows, rear opening window, heater and demister, window wiper, and other car-like features.

    Mobility Scooter for Hire Sale Service distributes the Mini Electric Vehicles, Liberator and Rover, almost nationwide. Servicing requirements is very minimal, and the reliability very good. Made by the same manufacturer as the Daisy LEMS (Luxury Enclosed Mobility Scooters) and their reliability is well proven.

    The Mini Electric Vehicles are CCC / ISO 9001 certified and with all other manufacturing certifications, meeting all international standards.

    The Mini Electric Vehicles are not classed as a motor vehicle, they are a substitute for a golf cart or similar, and as such are not required to be registered, and are not permitted to be driven on the road as a motor vehicle. They are for private property use only.

    Don’t drive around in a golf cart, or a quad bike, get a Mini Electric Vehicles| Light Electric Vehicle | Micro-EV. Two models to choose from, the Liberator and the Rover. Check out the details below. You will not be disappointed; you will be surprised!

    And you will turn heads!


    Mini Electric Vehicles| Light Electric Vehicle | Mini-EV with 12 Months Unconditional Warranty

    12 months unconditional warranty on all Mini Electric Vehicles.

    And check out the Luxury Enclosed Mobility Scooters, LEMS, these are manufactured by the same manufacturing company, and they have proven to be excellent and trouble free.

    Would you like to view / have a demonstration / ask a question?

    Phone the sales hotline (03) 7036 4440.


    Mini Electric Vehicles| Mini-EVs

    Electric transport everyone can afford, in style, ready for any weather, and a super comfortable ride, on any private property.

    Cheapest electric car transport in Australia.

    All Mini Electric Vehicles come with a warranty.


    Mini Electric Vehicles| Mini-EV with Warranty

    Delivery Services

    If delivery location is within 100km of our office here in Thomastown. Delivery is FREE.

    After 100km distance from our base, there is a charge of $1.85 per km outside of the 100km range, with which you will receive a quote for.

    Note: This is an estimated price quote and delivery prices may be higher or lower depending on exact location.


    Agent Locations

    As of May 2023, we have agents in the following areas:

    · Victoria

    · Pending agent in Adelaide


    Does a Mini Electric Vehicles need to be registered?

    In Australia you do not need to and can not register your Mini Electric Vehicles.

    Can I drive my Mini Electric Vehicles on the road?
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    What is the average life of a Mini Electric Vehicles battery?
    Why is a Lithium battery so much better than a Lead-Acid battery?
    What is the running cost of a Mini Electric Vehicles?
    Can I use other batteries in my Mini Electric Vehicles?
    What is the correct way to connect the power to the charger?
    How will electric vehicles transform our lives?
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