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    Yaroach Articulating CP-07-1

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    Horeca Yaroach CP-07-1 4000W 25Ah Articulating Trike Mobility Scooter

    Horeca – German Motorcycle Company (China joint venture)
    Yaroach – Captain, Good, Graceful, born at the new moon.


    Trike Mobility Scooter

    This scooter uses 3D computerised design, beautiful appearance, unique style and leisure structure, which lets you fall in love at first sight.

    Now you, the mobility challenged are released to drive in style and comfort, and be able to feel the acceleration with the wind in your hair, on the footpaths, and off-road, and lean into the corners like a bicycle – enjoy !
    But the speed is limited to 10 kph on footpaths with pedestrians, adhering to the laws of the land.

    And, no you are not too large, or too old, or too ugly, you are just you, enjoying the freedom !


    Yaroach CP-07-01 is an articulating trike mobility scooter.

    Yaroach CP-07-01 is suitable to be driven in safety on a footpath or effectively in private property or private road conditions. It is not as wide as the widest large mobility scooters, although it is longer. However, as it is a trike it has a sharpish turning circle. Ideally suited for city and farm use, and the like.

    Yaroach CP-07-01 comes standard with a 25Ah battery and smooth tyres in wine red colour.

    Yaroach CP-07-1 can be driven as a standard upright trike in “locked” mode, or changed to “unlocked” articulating mode once moving. Do not start driving in “unlocked” mode, as you may inadvertently drag your foot on the ground and impact the rear wheel, with possible harmful consequences.

    Yaroach CP-07-1 is also designed to be able to drive effectively in private or smooth off-road conditions, and this is where the articulation excels.
    It also has enough power, but as it comes with smooth tyres and although a very decent 25Ah battery, it is not designed for harsh off-road conditions.

    If you are interested in doing tougher off-road driving, like on the beach, on sand, through the mountains, and forest tracks and the like, then select the CP-07-2 model. It comes with off road tyres, and a mind blowing 55Ah battery. This combination with its 4kW motor power and articulation, will take you anywhere you wish to go. Ideally suited for farm use, as well.

    Yaroach CP-07-1 has the standard two seat bench style seating option.
    The CP-07-2 version has the same seat and comes with a rear lockable pod for carrying personal items as per one of the pics, and the video.

    Yaroach CP-07-1 and CP-07-2 models we try to keep in stock are wine red in colour.
    You may order one to your specifications and colour, and it can be either drop shipped to your door (you will need to do some simple assembly, a video is provided) or you can wait for a longer time until it arrives with the next shipment. It will then be assembled and delivered to your door ready to drive. There is a freight cost.


    • CE, EEC Certification
    • Capable load of 130 kg
    • Stylish, elegant,
    • Available Colours: 26 – See Additional Information
    • Aluminium wheels
    • Large tyres for comfort, good looks, smooth or off-road
    • Front and rear shock absorbers
    • Front and rear hydraulic disk bakes
    • Rear park brakes
    • Lithium battery – 25 Ah
    • Charge battery on / off scooter
    • Removable battery by key lock
    • Remote key lock and alarm system
    • LCD large display screen
    • LED Headlights
    • Indicators front and rear
    • Three max speed switch
    • Footpath speed max 10 kph
    • Comfortable PU seat, durable and non vulnerable
    • Seating – extended comfortable seat (accommodates the smallest to the largest person, passenger)


    • Make DaHai DCCLM – Horeca
    • Model: Yaroach CP-07-1
    • Category: Articulating Trike Mobility Scooter
    • Certification: CE / EEC
    • Available Colours: – See Additional Information
    • Length: 200 cm
    • Width: 84 cm
    • Height: 110 cm
    • Wheel Base: 155 cm
    • Weight: 70 kg
    • Weight Capacity: 130 kg
    • Turning Radius: 155 cm
    • Maximum Speeds: 10/20/40 kph (approx)
    • Maximum Torque: 190 N/m
    • Maximum Range *: Up to 45 km (practical range 20 km)
    • Maximum Slope: 30°
    • Braking Performance: Minimum – Dry: 1m : Wet: 3m
    • Display: LCD
    • Lights: LED Headlight, rear light and indicators
    • Brakes: Hydraulic disk brakes front / rear
    • Parking Brake: Rear wheels
    • Motors: 2x 60V Brushless DC 2000W
    • Drive Type: 2x Motor in rear wheel
    • Tyres: 225/40-10 (smooth)
    • Seating: Bench style
    • Battery: 60V Lithium 25 Ah
    • Battery charger: 100-240 V to 60V 2A specific, do not use another charger
    • Charging Time: 8-10 hours Note owners manual notes on battery charging
    • Shipping Details: 90 kg 179x39x85 cm (boxed)

    * Varies with user weight, terrain type, driving style, battery charge, battery condition, temperature, and tyre / wheel type and condition. Information taken from manufacturers specifications.

    Additional Information

    CP-07 Product Manual

    yaroach colour chartYaroach CP-07 Colour Chart




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