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3 Wheel Mobility Scooter


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    • TravelScoot Escape with Showroom Viewing

      TravelScoot Escape

      TravelScoot Escape TravelScoot Escape is the lightest, most compact foldable portable mobility scooter. Suitable for ...
    • Ronillenger

      36V >> 48V - increase torque and power 12 Ah >> 20 Ah battery - 66% more power - ...
    • TravelScoot Shopper

      Travelscoots are available in 1 main model TravelScoot Escape TravelScoot the lightest most compact foldable ...
    • Afiscooter C3 Red

      Afiscooter C3

      The outstanding design of the Afiscooter C along with the user comfort facilities: a fully ...
    • Sale!

      Yaroach Articulating CP-07-2

      Yaroach CP-07-2 is an articulating trike mobility scooter. Yaroach CP-07-2 is suitable to be driven ...
      Original price was: $6,395.00.Current price is: $5,890.00.
    • Sale!

      Yaroach Articulating CP-07-1

      Yaroach CP-07-01 is an articulating trike mobility scooter. Yaroach CP-07-01 is suitable to be driven ...
      Original price was: $5,995.00.Current price is: $5,490.00.
    • Sale!


      Horeca Yaroach CP-3.0 2000W 25Ah Good Looking Trike Mobility Scooter Horeca - German Motorcycle Company (China ...
      Original price was: $4,995.00.Current price is: $4,495.00.

    Exhaustive Range of 3 Wheel Scooters for Hire in Melbourne

    Are you searching the market for a lightweight, powerful 3 Wheel mobility scooter for sale in Australia? Then, you have come to the right place. At Mobility Scooters For Hire Sales Service Melbourne, we specialise in sales and rentals of a large variety of mobility aids, including 3 wheel electric scooters. The compact and light design is excellent for indoor use for older adults and those with limited mobility. The single wheel in front of a 3 wheel mobility scooter allows for tighter turning circles, which is essential for indoor purposes. In addition, it allows you to do your everyday tasks around your home conveniently without much assistance.

    3-Wheel Electric Scooters for Adults

    Discover the joy of effortless and efficient transportation with our 3-wheel electric scooters for adults at Mobility Scooters for Hire Sales Service. Designed for individuals seeking enhanced mobility and independence, our three-wheel electric scooters offer a perfect balance of stability, manoeuvrability, and style.

    Our 3-wheel electric scooters are equipped with a sturdy and well-balanced design, providing optimal stability during your rides. The three-wheel configuration offers a secure and balanced platform, allowing you to confidently navigate various terrains, whether it is on sidewalks, shopping centres, or recreational areas. With their reliable braking systems and responsive controls, safety is our top priority.

    Our 3-wheel electric scooters empower you with increased independence and freedom. Whether you are exploring your neighbourhood, running errands, or simply enjoying outdoor adventures, these scooters provide a reliable and efficient means of transportation.

    3 wheel electric scooters are also excellent for portability as they can be folded and packed into the boot of your car for use anywhere you want. The lightweight 3 wheel mobility scooters are popular amongst people keen on travel and exploration with a powerful lithium battery.  If you are interested in buying one of our many high-performing 3 wheel mobility scooters, you’ll only need to share your unique requirements with us and we’ll bring few options to your doorstep. We’ll take you through its operations and teach you to ride your new 3 wheel mobility scooter, and you can even take it out for a spin around your home or your neighbourhood.

    The largest collection of 3 Wheel Electric Scooters

    MSFH is an authorised dealer in Victoria and an exclusive dealer for many top-quality 3 wheel electric scooter suppliers in Australia. We are also an NDIS registered provider. You will find the most versatile range of scooters in our store, with varying specifications, features, load-bearing capacities and a 12-month warranty. As authorised dealers, our prices are the best in the market and we provide excellent after-sales services.

    We invite you to explore our vast collection of 3 wheel mobility scooters for sale in Australia, which includes:

    • Australia’s lightest compact TravelScoot
    • Ronillenger
    • Knightrider with pneumatic tyres and disk brakes
    • Tough Luggage
    • Golf Buggy Style Parmaker
    • Outstanding design Afikim 3-wheel mobility scooters with fully adjustable swivelling orthopedic seat
    • Motorcycle industry design inspired Drive Medical scooters
    • Sleek and sporty style Pride Mobility
    • The fully portable design of Shoprider

    Our friendly, professional team are courteous in answering all your questions. Furthermore, our technical expert team is highly skilled and equipped to handle all kinds of repairs and maintenance services anytime you need them. We also have a fully-stocked inventory of all the necessary parts and accessories, which includes the essential batteries, chargers, and tyres for all the 3 wheel electric scooters we have in our sales and rentals.

    Explore our vast selection of 3 wheel mobility scooters for sale in Australia – we have provided specifications to help you choose what suits you best. Would you like to view/have a demonstration/ask a question? Phone the hire sales service hotline (03) 7036 4440.

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    All items come with a warranty