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Service and Repairs Terms & Conditions


    Service and Repairs Terms and Conditions:

    When a customer engages with Mobility Scooters for Hire Sale Service for repair, assessment or general services of their mobility device, customers are charged at an hourly rate.
    If the customer cannot bring their device to the Company, there is an additional fee for collecting and returning the device to the customer.

    If the issue is unknown at the time of booking the service, a quote is provided for any additional labour and parts required to rectify the issue post-assessment.

    If a customer chooses not to get their scooter repaired, the balance owing for the diagnosis time, delivery / collection fees (if applicable) and any other charges already done to the device will be invoiced to the customer and must be paid.


    Availability of parts:

    Mobility Scooters for Hire Sale Service makes no guarantee there will be parts available to fix the issue at the time of the service. If mobility devices require specific parts that can only be obtained through the importer, there could be a delay between 5 – 7 business days if the importer has the part in stock, or 3 – 4 months if they have to back-order it. In the event that a part has to be ordered from a supplier and there is a waiting time, the customer will be notified. We do not have any control over the arrival time of the product, so the expected arrival time may still vary and we make no guarantee or promise if the product does not arrive within the expected timeframe.  Customers have the option of hiring a mobility device – a staff member can go over possible options with the customer, if this is the case. Standard hire rates apply.


    Warranty of Parts:

    Electrical parts used to rectify a service issue will generally come with a warranty:

    • New electrical components come with a 6 month warranty period.
    • S/H electrical components come with a 3 month warranty period.
    • NEW batteries or chargers come with a 12 month warranty period, but that does not include fair wear and tear. Battery replacement after three months will be “pro-rata”.

    Smaller size batteries 26AH and under may come with a 6 month warranty.

    Guarantee of Service Completion:

    In the event that something goes wrong with a customer’s device within a short period of time after the Company has already completed a service, the device will be assessed to see if issue was caused from the near previous service or another unrelated reason to the near service job;

    • If the issue is as a result or is part of the same issue that was meant to be resolved in the first service:
        • In the event of a failure of the previous service, Mobility Scooters for Hire Sale Service will not charge any additional fees to get the device repaired and returned to the customer.
        • In the event a pre-existing issue that could not be reasonably found during the previous service, or a new issue no matter how soon after the previous service eventuates, the customer will be advised of the additional cost to repair the device, including any additional parts.
        • If at any time the customer chooses not to go ahead with the service, the only costs owing will be the current labour performed to diagnose the issue and any transport fees.
      • The customer may be asked to provide additional information in order to help in the diagnostics, obtaining parts and repairs. If the customer fails to provide the information, the technician may not be able to repair the device.
    • In the event that it is a new issue entirely, the customer will be charged standard service fees, including collection and return delivery.

    In rare circumstances where an error code or the reason for a service cannot be recreated or found by the technician during the service testing phase, the customer will be advised that the service was checked over but the issue was unable to be found. The customer may be requested to take notes of what occurred, should an issue happen again. In cases such as these, a “guarantee of service completion” claim cannot be approved and a follow-up service will incur standard service fees.

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