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Rental Terms


    Rental Terms

    Please read so all parties know their obligations, thank you.

    Mobility Scooters for Hire Sale Service rents / hires
    mobility equipment to the person signing this agreement. The signer (Agent) is
    subject to all the terms and conditions set forth in this Rental Agreement.


    “Signer” is the “Agent”

    “Agent” refers to the person who fills out the Rental Agreement, and is therefore the “Signer” whether it be the User themselves or any party who acts on behalf of the “User”, and is filling in the “Rental Agreement” including but not limited to a legal Carer, Relative, Partner, Organisation or Support Manager. The “Agent” refers to the person to whom the Mobility Device is registered. The “Agent” is bound legally to the Rental Terms and Conditions, fully responsible for the Hire Device, and for the payment of all invoices and any recompense to the Company, as required. The Agent is involved and party to the “Rental Agreement” throughout its duration.

    “Company” refers to Ronica Trade Pty Ltd, Mobility Scoters for Hire Sale Service, their Officers, Servants, and Employees acting on behalf of Ronica Trade Pty Ltd

    “Day” is deemed to be a normal working day, Monday to Friday excluding any holidays.

    “Device” refers to any item(s) provided as part of the “Rental Agreement”

    “Payer” refers to the person who will be Paying Invoices. That maybe the Agent, an Organisation, or the User.

    “Rental Agreement” refers to the contract outlining the rental terms and conditions of the rental / hire of a device between all parties

    “User” refers to the person who will be using the Mobility Device

    Responsibilities of each Party:

    If the Agent is not the Payer, the Agent must ensure the Payer has accepted and agrees to pay for any invoices / invoice extensions / recompense invoices. If the Payer refuses to pay any invoice(s), the Agent will be responsible for paying such invoice(s).

    The Agent must not tick the box confirming the “Rental Agreement” until the Rental Terms and Conditions have been communicated to and agreed to by the Payer. If the Agent ticks the box confirming the Contract on behalf of the Payer, they become legally bound to the Rental Terms and Conditions, and responsible for all payments of invoices.

    The Agent, in filling this Rental Agreement Form, takes full responsibility and is accountable for ALL clauses following in the Rental Agreement, including payment of invoices, and ensuring the User does not cause harm to self, others, property or the Device.

    The User must adhere to and follow the Rental Guides relevant for their Device. The Agent must ensure, if they themselves are not the User, that the User has access to, is instructed and if necessary supervised and adheres to and follows the Rental Device Guides.

    If the User is not present at the time of product instruction, the Agent must ensure that all instructions pertaining to the Device is given and accurately portrayed to the User and if necessary, provide supervision while using the Device. If required, they may contact the Company to seek over-the-phone training, once the Device is with the User.

    The Agent is fully accountable and takes full responsibility for the safety of the User and the Device throughout the duration of the Contract.

    The Agent indemnifies the Company of any liability for all injuries and damages.

    The Agent must contact the Company at least 1 (one) day prior to the end of the Contract to organize pickup or any extension. If this is not done, the Agent will be responsible for any fees associated, such as Collection Fees, Rental / Hire Extension Fees, or Late Fees.

    The Agent must ensure any invoice is paid and in the “Company” bank account at least 1 (one) day prior to delivery of the “Device”.
    For invoice extensions, the Agent must have payment completed and verified by receipt emailed to the Company no later than 1 (one) day after the extension has been processed.

    Mobility Scooters for Hire Sale Service has their base at: Factory 25/58 Mahoneys Rd, Thomastown VIC 3074
      1. Basic summary statement: The Device is in serviceable condition and is the property of the Company. The Agent will return the Device in the same condition as received, (fair wear and tear accepted) at the end of the rental / hire period, or sooner, upon demand by the Company who may repossess the device on demand at any time if it is used in violation of the terms of this Contract. Should the Agent organise their own transport for the hired device, the product is guaranteed working up until the moment the product leaves the Company address. Product page photos
        may not be accurate. There might be differences in the color or in markings on the device. All rentals are of acceptable quality to be driven safely and
        assist clients in being mobile.
      2. Paying invoices: The Agent agrees to pay the rental invoice, as supplied in reply to the Rental Agreement sent, or to ensure the Payer pays in their stead. In the event the payer does not pay the invoice, the Agent agrees to be responsible for the payment. Rental charges are out lined at the top of the rental device pages and within the cart system. Delivery Fees will be calculated for your nominated delivery address, and a representative of the Company will contact you with the addition cost added onto the invoice.
      3. Cancellations and Early Returns: The Agent may cancel this Contract at any time. If the Agent cancels within 48hrs before the Rental Agreement comes into effect, there will be a 20.00 cancellation fee. This covers the cost of administration, preparation of the device, and any other costs involved with the preparation of the Rental Agreement. If a driver has already been sent out, the delivery fee will also be non-refundable. If the Agent cancels during the Contract, the Agent will be charged the remaining balance of that week’s rental / hire only. If rental / hire invoices have already been paid, there will be a 20.00 Refund fee applicable to process a refund. All remaining credit owed will be reimbursed into the original payer’s account. A refund can take between 2 – 7 business days.
      4. Not returning the device on Time – Automatic Extensions: If the Agent does not return the device before or on the day the Contract ends, further rental / hire fees will be charged. Any transport to the Company base, if collection is required, will be charged as indicated. If the Agent has not advised the Company that they wish to extend, and a driver has been sent out to collect the device, the Agent agrees to pay an additional collection fee.
      5. Liability of the Company: The Company shall not be liable or responsible for the loss of or damage to any property left, lost, damaged, stolen, stored or transported by the Signer, its Agent, servants, or employees, or any other person using the Device, prior to the return of the device. The Agent assumes all risk of such loss or damage and waives all claims against by reason thereof and the Agent agrees to indemnify (hold harmless) the Company from all claims arising out of such loss or damage.
      6. Liability of the Agent : The Agent assumes all risk and liability for any loss, damage to property or injury, including death, to persons arising out of the transport, storage, use, or any action resulting from being party to this Contract or Device.
      7. Agent’s Responsibility to pay for any damages: The Agent is responsible for the Device and will reimburse as required the cost of repair or replacement upon demand for any damage, loss, theft, or destruction of the Device. The Agent understands and authorises that the Company will charge the Agent for any repair costs or the residual value of the Device, whichever is the lesser.
      8. Agent’s responsibility for costs: The Agent assumes responsibility for all costs and expenses of every kind and nature, including legal fees and disbursements arising out of and in connection with the Rental Agreement and use or operation of the Device.
      9. Agent  indemnifies the company: The Agent shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Company and all of their agents, officers, servants, and employees from and against any and all losses, liability claims, damages, injuries, demands, actions and causes of action whatsoever, arising out of or related to any loss, damage or injury claimed by persons that may arise from the use, or operation of the Device, provided that such loss or damage was not caused by the fault or gross negligence or wilful misconduct of the Company.
      10. Restrictions regarding User of the Device: The following restrictions are cumulative and each shall apply to every use, operation or driving of the Device. Under no circumstances shall the Device be used, operated by any person:
          1. under the age of 15; unless with adult supervision and control
          2. while under the influence of intoxicants or narcotics
          3. in an unsafe manner.
      11. Agent’s and Users: The Agent shall require Users of the Device to be operated with all care and diligence and comply with the terms of this Rental Agreement. The Agent shall notify the Company immediately of all accidents and damage resulting from the use or operation of the Device. In the event of damage to the device, to reduce your liability, bring back ALL damaged / broken parts. 
      12. The Agent agrees to pay all costs, expenses, and attorneys’ fees incurred by the Company in collecting sums due or in regaining possession of the Device or in enforcing or recovering any damage, losses or claims against the Renter.
      13. The Agent / Signer, Payer or the User, as part of this Contract, shall in no event be deemed the representative or employee of the Company in any manner or for any purpose whatsoever.
      14. Any individual executing this Contract as The Agent in a representative capacity shall be bound personally, jointly and severally, with such fiduciary, corporation or other entity as to all obligations, expressed or implied, arising hereunder.
      15. If any provisions hereof or the application of any provisions to any person or circumstance is held invalid or unenforceable, the remainder hereof and the application of such provisions to other persons or circumstances shall remain valid and enforceable.
    Payment Policies

    The Agent may elect to pay by Cash on Pickup only, or by Bank Transfer or Debit / Credit Card. Cheques are not accepted. If the Agent is paying by bank / electronic funds transfer, the Payment Remittance must be emailed to the Company as proof of payment at least 1 (one) day before collection / delivery of the device.

    Ronica Trade ® accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express, and is able to process by MOTO (mail order / telephone order). Payment by Credit / Debit Card is through our CBA EFTPOS terminal (or other payment system in use at the time) to Ronica Trade ®.

    The Agent must ensure that the invoice is paid before beginning the hire. If the Agent is coming from interstate / overseas, they must ensure the invoice is paid at least 3 days before the beginning of the hire. This allows time to rectify a problem. If a payment transaction fails, delivery will not occur until successful payment.

    For any hire extension(s) requested, these must be paid on invoice at least 1 (one) day before the hire period expires and the extension occurs. If the invoice is not paid within the due period, a warning notice will be issued. Failure to pay the invoice within 3 days of the end of hire will result in a Late Fee of 20.00.

    If the Payer is an organisation, the invoice must be first be approved and the organisation must pay any invoice within 28 days of the invoice date. The Agent must ensure a representative of the organisation has contacted the Company to confirm approval and that there are funds to pay for any invoice, including extension invoice(s). Failure of an organisation to pay any invoice within 28 days of invoice date will result in a Late Fee of 20.00.

    The Company reserves the right, if the Payer is an organisation, to request payment in advance of a hire.

    Admin Fee

    You may find there is an Admin Fee of 20.00 applicable to your invoice with Mobility Scooters for Hire Sale Service. This fee covers non-face-to-face support such as :

    • Booking your Hire / Sale / Service :
      • Liaising with both client and organisation in regards to selecting and noting modifications to the product, communication methods and delivery times, as well as checking approval and availability of funding.
    • Extending your Hire:
      • Liaising with the client, Support Workers, Occupational Therapist and / or Funding Organisation regarding extending the hire, and confirming approval and funding is available to do so.

    Our Hourly Rate is 130.00, but this admin fee is capped to 20.00 per invoice.

    GST (Goods and Services Taxes)

    All mobility devices, sales, service, parts and hire is GST exempt. GST is only charged for transport.

    Short Term Hire (for up to four weeks)

    All contracts for hire of up to and including four weeks, will be required to be paid in full in advance. Please fill in the rental booking online, following phone discussion if required. You will be provided an invoice by email. If you have not received it within one business day of making your booking, please call us.

    Long Term Hire (for more than four weeks)

    For contracts for hire of more than four weeks, the Agent will be charged for four week blocks. The first four weeks is as above (Short Term Hire). At the end of the first four week hire period, and subsequent four-week periods (or less), another invoice will be sent by email, for the rental period requested.

    Rental Extensions)

    Device(s) is due back at the place of delivery / collection on or before the date / time specified on the rental agreement and relevant invoice. If you wish to extend your rental, you must make contact with the Company and have the relevant invoice paid no longer than 1 (one) day after the extension has been processed. All Agents have first priority over the device to extend an existing rental agreement.

    You will be charged as applicable, if any, at the discounted rate for each subsequent week extension past four weeks. Payment by cash is not accepted for any extensions.

    Deductions and Other Reduction Offers

    All electrical devices are offered at a discounted rate after four weeks rental. The deductions are as follows:

    • 10% off the weekly rate for weeks 5 – 8
    • 20% off the weekly rate for weeks 9 – 12
    • 25% off the weekly rate for weeks 13 and onwards.

    We have a policy that 30% of rental paid (for a hire period not exceeding 12 months) is deducted from new capital purchases over 2000.00. This offer ends 1 month following the expiration of the Rental Agreement.

    Data Protection

    By entering into a Rental Agreement, you agree to the Company processing and storing your personal information in connection with this Rental Agreement. Your information will be used to provide services to you as best as possible, such as device rental extension, statistical analyses, market research, credit control and to protect our assets.

    The Agent agrees that if the terms of this Rental Agreement are broken, we may pass all information to credit-reference agencies, debt collectors, the police or any other relevant organisation. Personal information is held securely and in strict confidence by Ronica Trade ®, and is not given to any other party, excepting as formally requested and required by law.

    No Show Policy

    As a courtesy to fellow customers, please cancel any unneeded Rental Agreement reservation as soon as your plans change. A cancellation fee as per clause 3 of the minimum rental fee will apply if an unwanted reservation is not cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the delivery or pick up time organised.
    If a device has been delivered as per the rental Agreement, and not used, the minimum rental fee and delivery / pick up fees will be forfeited.

    Battery Care

    Electric mobility equipment and other electrical devices are fully charged at the time of delivery / pick up and come with the correct charger.

    The User is responsible to charge the battery when the electric device is not in use, and to check the charger is charging the battery. This is very important as a battery that is allowed to go fully flat, is always damaged, and may fail unexpectantly with the next User !

    If the battery indicator declines rapidly and the User is not getting the expected range out of the electric device, stop driving. Return home, and fully charge the battery and make sure the charger is charging. If the battery is still not providing the expect range, contact the Company. If the battery fails through no fault of the User, the Company will replace the battery or the scooter as soon as practicable, and free of charge, as this is covered under the insurance fee charged.

    The User must follow the appropriate charging requirements, depending on the device.  Lithium or AGM / GEL Batteries have differing charging requirements. These requirements can be found in your electric device guides and the manuals of the electric devices itself. If the Agent or User is still unsure what battery their electric device has, they MUST contact the Company for advice on their machine.

    If the User becomes stranded due to the Device battery accidentally becoming flat, (almost impossible if the User is monitoring the charging, usage, and the battery condition gauge), the battery will need to be recharged fully.  The user may:

    1. call a Maxi Taxi (Phone number 0451 993 261) to take you and your Device to your home.
    2. call the company to deliver a fully charged battery or a replacement scooter. The following fees will occur:
      • The transport fee travelled one way from the Company base to bring the replacement battery / electric device.
      • A $40.00 fee for the call out and the exchanging of the battery or scooter
    • call the RACV, (13 11 11) and they will organise to take you and the device to your home. If you are not a member, you may elect to join organisation with a one year membership fee on the spot.
    Tyre Care

    Mobility devices tyres are the responsibility of the Agent. The mobility device is provided with adequate tyres. The Agent is responsible for all punctures to pneumatic tyres and all tyre damage due to impact. If a puncture / tyre failure occurs, contact the Company for repair or replacement as soon as practicable.
    Standard delivery and call out fees will apply.

    Insurance (Compulsory)

    There is a mandatory Insurance fee with most rental devices, which is automatically added to each invoice.  This Insurance is not a substitute for Contents Insurance or Travel Insurance.

    Rental Insurance covers the User for the following: Minimal damage to the device, scratches, fair wear and tear, and rental replacement by the Company if the product fails (exceptions include distances over 70km travel route from the Company). We endeavour to get a replacement device to the User as quickly as possible within 2 business days, to avoid disruptions to Users.

    Insurance does NOT cover significant devaluation, loss of items or parts (for example, chargers or keys, or other scooter parts), nor theft or loss by fire, or if the user gets a flat tyre whilst travelling. If the product fails due to any reason not deemed a product fault, but a fault of the User driving the device – for example, if the User lets it get wet, lets the battery go flat, and it no longer drives, or (but not limited to) any of the aforementioned examples, the Agent who booked the hire is responsible for paying for all repairs required.

    Electric Devices

    For electric devices such as Scooters, and Electric Wheelchairs : 12.50 each week of hire. The Insurance Terms are as above.

    Mechanical Devices

    For non-electric devices such as Wheelchairs, Rollators, other devices : 3.50 each week of hire. The Insurance Terms are as above.


    There maybe occasions where it is deemed not necessary for you to insure a device (eg. Ramps).



    Read the Manual !

    Please read the user manual for the mobility device you are about to use. There is important information that you must be aware of for your safety and for the efficient operation of your mobility device. 

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