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    Please Note: The Tranzforma is available in the “Electric Wheelchair” version only.


    Top Gun Tranzforma Power Chair & Mobility Scooter

    This FIRST Class Power Chair has been purposely engineered for indoor functionality & manoeuvrability, yet within seconds it conveniently converts to a compact mobility scooter, ready to take on the outside world.

    This Powerchair/Mobility Scooter combination really will Tranzform your life.
    So many fantastic features jam-packed into this package; from it’s light weight, long life lithium battery to the simplicity of a drink holder.

    It has on-board storage under the seat as well as a front carry basket on the scooter section. Puncture Proof solid tyres and a quiet, seamless motor that will keep you moving.


    • Comfortable seat that slides and swivels
    • Angle adjustment fold up arm rests
    • Drink holder standard
    • Panel control and digital display
    • Bright LED headlights
    • Multi Position tiller angle
    • Free-wheeling lock
    • Smooth user friendly joy stick
    • Front Storage box
    • Under Seat Storage
    • USB Charging port
    • Super light, long life lithium battery
    • Dual drink holder
    • Automatic braking system
    • Puncture proof tyres
    • Quiet high powered motor
    • Power Save Mode
    • 5 Year Warranty


    Available Colours: Red / Blue / Silver / White / Yellow

    Length: 125 cm (Scooter)
    83 cm (Wheelchair)

    Width: 56 cm (Scooter)
    57 cm (Wheelchair)

    Height: 92 cm (Scooter)
    80 cm (Wheelchair)

    Weight: 58 cm (Scooter)
    47 cm (Wheelchair)

    Weight without battery: 54 cm (Scooter)
    43 cm (Wheelchair)

    Weight components: Front section 24.95 kg; Basket 1.0 kg; Rear section 12.97 kg;
    Battery 4 kg; Seat 10.98 kg.

    Weight Capacity: 136 kg

    Weight Capacity: 136 kg

    Seat Size (without pillow): 400 x 460 x 350 mm

    Seat: Height Adjustable, With Turning Plate

    Turning Radius: 1300 mm (Scooter)
    620 mm (Wheelchair)

    Maximum speed: 9 km / hr

    Maximum range *: Up to 35 km ( in ideal conditions )

    Maximum slope: 10°

    Ground clearance: 5 cm

    Groove Crossing Ability: 5 cm

    Braking: Electromagnetic Brake

    Wheel Hub: No

    Tyres front: 8″ PU Solid Tyre (Scooter)
    6″ PU Solid Tyre (Wheelchair)

    Tyres rear: 9″ PU Solid Tyre

    Motor: 200 W Motor

    Controller: PG 600A

    Batteries: 1 x 12 V x 25 Ah Li-Ion

    Battery charger: 24 V 5 A

    * Varies with user weight, terrain type, driving style, battery charge, battery condition, temperature, and tyre / wheel type and condition. Information taken from manufacturers specifications.

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