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    Streamer Power Chair

    The STREAMER is a great powerchair that offers many of the features found on much more expensive powerchairs. The Streamer comes with a high back adjustable seat, adjustable width & height armrests, flat free tyres and finger control steering. The Streamer is rear wheel drive and combined with two powerful 600 Watt motors it will deliver outstanding performance. This powerchair offers excellent service and reliability, and value for money.


    • High back seat
    • Sleek body design
    • Smooth operation
    • Variable seat height
    • Variable seat back angle
    • Comfortable seat with adjustable height & width armrest
    • Controller interchangeable both sides
    • Free wheel device
    • Excellent performance
    • Large battery size
    • Intelligent, regenerative electro magnatic brakes activate automatically when Joy Stick is released
    • Puncture proof tyres front and rear
    • Option of swing away leg rest
    • Option of elevating leg res
    • Option of Stump Support


    Model: STREAMER 888WA

    Available Colours: Red cover, black upholstery, grey tyres

    Length: 90 cm

    Width: 60 cm

    Height: 101.5 cm

    Weight: 72 kg

    Weight Capacity: 136 kg

    Turning radius: 65 cm

    Maximum speed: 8 km / hr

    Maximum range *: Up to 18 km ( in ideal conditions )

    Maximum slope: 9°

    Seating: Depth 400 mm, Width 460 mm, Backrest Height 390 mm,
    Height off floor 460 -530 mm
    Swivelling, Height adjustable (leg length)

    Drive train: 2 x 24V 600W DC motors

    Control Operation: Hand controlled joystick, adjustable speed

    Braking: Electronic, regenerative and electromechanical

    Wheels: Front 2x 150 foam filled caster – Rear 2x 265 foam filled drive

    Batteries: 2 x 12 V x 33/36 Ahr

    Battery charger: Off board 24 V 5 Amp

    * Varies with user weight, terrain type, driving style, battery charge, battery condition, temperature, and tyre / wheel type and condition. Information taken from manufacturers specifications.

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