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    Scootmobiel, a simple but very effective little scooter due to its 2x motor in wheels design, meaning twice the standard portable scooter power, so able to negotiate standard ramps, no problem. Removable comfortable seat, folds in 2 seconds for storage or travel. Solidly built. Super price !



    Exclusive Design CE Certificate

    Another exclusive design to Mobility Scooters for Hire Sale Service.

    Scootmobiel is super fast, and powerful with its twin 250Watt motors, one in each rear wheel, but easily controlled with three speed switch giving 6/12/18 kph maximum speeds, something for every occasion.
    Very docile for the shopping centers, and totally controllable on the footpaths, but if you get to the cycle paths and open spaces there is plenty of speed to feel the breeze.

    With two in hub rear wheel motors, this economical scooter is able to climb standard inclines.

    And what about the comfort? Plenty of legroom as feet can extend beside the front wheels, and those front wheels are wide apart for stability and have pneumatic tyres for super smooth travel.
    The rear wheels are solid, but the rear is suspended on a dual sprung shock absorbing frame.

    The whole body including mudguards is made of steel and virtually indestructible, very solid indeed.
    A truly quality machine, and made to CE Certificate standard.

    A good powerful headlight and a tail light allows you to see and be seen if you get caught in the dark.

    It is a solid machine so not the lightest for transport, but the seat is easily removed, as is the large rear enclosing basket, great for carrying all your necessities and shopping, then very easily folded into a compact design, check out the video. You will still need to lift around 28 kg for transport, so not something for the slight in power, but with help is still transportable if required occasionally.

    Can you imagine yourself driving Scootmobiel along the ocean front footpaths or on one of the many cycle tracks / bike paths around the city? Fantastic, comfortable, effortless, driving.
    But it is also very happy and easily controlled in busy pedestrian areas. Yes it’s time to get mobile.

    Would you like to view / have a demonstration / ask a question?
    Phone the hire sales service hotline (03) 7036 4440.

    See images of Scootmobiel with Fat Wheels

    A note from the manufacturer ….

    Thank you for checking out the TTX-2W four-wheel lithium battery folding bike, Big chair model also referred to as DH0319. TTX-2W is a powerful, smart and lightweight folding four-wheeled travel scooter. The four-wheel design structure is stable and suitable for different age groups. TTX-2W has advanced and reliable design technology, and energy saving and environmental protection.

    TTX-2W has no pollution and noise during operation, which is conducive to environmental protection. The user manual explains the operation of the TTX-2W. For your safety, please read and follow the relevant information. If your TTX-2W is transferred, please forward this manual to new users, who also needs this information. The manual contains as much as possible the function descriptions and instructions for use. However, due to continuous improvement of product features, design changes, etc., there may still be changes with the products purchased. Please refer to the products actually purchased.

    The TTX-2W is a portable mobility scooter that is not a motor vehicle, but once you drive it into a public area, it will have vehicle properties, so there are always risks of accident that may exist as with all vehicles. You may face personal injury from collisions and loss of control. To ensure your driving safety, please read all instructions and precautions in the manual thoroughly and carefully.

    Practice in a safe and empty place until you can get on safely and comfortably, skillfully controlling, steering, parking, and getting off. Do not drive the TTX-2W in complex driving conditions and road conditions before you are skilled. There is a risk of falling and injury during the study, so please wear a safety helmet and protective gear throughout the journey.

    Drive safely and enjoy your freedom to move and get about. That is our pleasure.

    Scootmobiel, a uniquely designed exclusive mobility scooter marketed by Ronica Trade through Mobility Scooters for Hire Sale Service. Comfortable for even a large person, fast as you need to go, and powerful enough to tackle most ramps and small hill. Made for shopping centers, the cycle tracks, bicycle lanes and the footpaths.

    Welcome to join the Ronica Trade Family.

    Freight free to your door!



    Foldable electric mobility scooter for elderly adults with limited mobility, Big Chair Model
    Lithium battery powered

    Check out these features …

    • Exclusive design
    • Compact design
    • Stylish, elegant, folding
    • Easily folds
    • Folding : simple portable design
    • Has a key so you can lock for security
    • Simple and fast controls
    • Hand twisting throttle for accurate speed control
    • Headlight : LED low / high
    • Rear LED light
    • Display : Waterproof LCD battery indicator
    • Horn
    • Steering handlebar height adjustable
    • Lots of leg room
    • Comfortable cushion seat, with folding adjustable arm rests
    • Removable seat
    • Frame : High quality high tensile steel
    • Handle bars : Aluminium alloy : Comfortable grip
    • Wider front for increased stability
    • Hand brake to two rear disk brakes
    • Parking hand brake
    • Front wheels 10″ inflatable
    • Rear wheels 8″ solid
    • Mud guards to stop water splash
    • Rear suspension : double spring / damper
    • 250W rear drive motor in each rear wheel
    • Brushless motors
    • 25 km travel distance
    • Three maximum speeds 6/12/18 kph
    • Reverse 4 kph
    • Controller : High efficiency intelligent controller
    • Easily climbs ramps
    • CE certification approved


    • Rear basket (including bracket)
    • Front basket (including bracket)

    NOTE : Our Scootmobiel scooters come with both baskets and 10Ah battery. The video is of the up-spec model, showing indicators as on the Fat Wheels model. The Scootmobiel model is available in store or direct from manufacturer to your door. Both, free shipping.


    • Manufacturer: DaHai
    • Model: TTX-2W / DH0319
    • Product name: Scootmobiel
    • Category: Folding Portable Heavy Scooter
    • Certification: CE / ROSH / FC / ISO
    • Colour: Red, Blue, White, custom colours, you may select other colour of your choice in advanced order when drop shipped
    • Length: 102 cm [ 37 cm ]
    • Width: 55 cm [ 55 cm ]
    • Height: 83 cm [ 69 cm ]
    • Weight total: 33 kg
    • Weight capacity: 120 kg
    • Maximum speed: 6 / 12 / 18 kph / Reverse 4 kph
    • Maximum range *: 25 km
    • Maximum slope: 12 degree
    • Turning radius: 1.5 m
    • Ground clearance: 9.5 cm
    • Lights: LED dim / spot and rear
    • Brakes: Twin rear disk hand operated
    • Parking brake: Hand operated
    • Motor: 2x 36V DC brushless 250W = 500W
    • Drive type: Twin Rear hub
    • Tyres: Front : 10 x 2.125 inch Pneumatic
      Rear : 8 x 2 inch Solid
    • Battery capacity: 36V Li Ion 10Ah
    • Battery charger: 100-240 V to 36V 2A Smart charger
    • Shipping details: 39 kg (boxed)

    * Varies with user weight, terrain type, driving style, battery charge, battery condition, temperature, and tyre / wheel type and condition. Information taken from manufacturers specifications.

    Additional Information

    Owners manual


    Video Courtesy of Fontona Mobility

    Now available, Fat Wheels Model 15.6Ah battery, 1000W motors, indicators, speedo, baskets

    Spare parts in stock, dealer and service agent discounts.

    Scootmobiel Assembly Guide

    Tutorial Video


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