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    Poncho – you and device hood and clear peak

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    Mobility Scooter/Device Poncho

    Product Description

    Poncho waterproof for you and mobility scooter or device, such as wheelchair, bike, push bike, scooter, walking or in other ways. No window and no face shield.

    Lightweight and easy to carry.
    Colours: Wine red, Navy blue

    Item: Raincoat




    Convenient usage Poncho type that can be worn quickly even in sudden rain.
    The collar has a double structure that prevents wind and rain from entering.
    Adopts Velcro on the neck and are easy to put on and take off.
    It is also possible to adjust the size of the string so that no gap.
    Waterproof and abrasion resistant material is made of waterproof and abrasion resistant material, water repellent finish on the surface, and waterproof finish on the seam. Waterproof, windproof, of course, high oil resistance, snow protection, anti-soiling effect, and extremely comfortable water repellency

    Moderate thickness and weight. By giving moderate thickness and weight, rainwear does not cling to the body and prevent rising when windy days or heavy rain.



    • Size: 3XL
    • Colour: Wine red, Navy blue
    • Material: Oxford 600g PVC


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