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    The Cougar 14 Electric Power Chair is ergonomically engineered to provide the ultimate combination of style and comfort. The Cougar electric wheelchair with its powerful smooth motors, mid wheel maneuverability, and comfortable seating provides a safe and comfortable ride.

    The smooth operation combined with mid wheel dlive means easy operation under various conditions. It’s ideal for both inside and outside use on even ground and can travel long distances between charges.


    • Large Captain’s Seat 510mm x 535mm
    • Adjustable Angle Seat Backrest
    • Adjustable Angle Seat Base
    • Adjustable Armrests height and width
    • Lift up adjustable height Foot Plate
    • Length adjustable Foot Plate
    • Can fit swing away and elevating leg rests or stump supports as an Option
    • Variable seat height
    • Easy Drive Controller
    • Speed control
    • Controller interchangeable both arms
    • Low centre of gravity design delivers a smooth and stable ride
    • All wheel suspension
    • Mid-wheel drive design delivers outstanding manoeuvrability in tight, compact spaces and a smooth and stable ride both indoors and outdoors, even over tough terrain
    • Dual motors for power, torque, range, efficiency and performance
    • Motors 1 kW power each
    • Free wheel device
    • Tie down Points Now Fitted to the Chassis
    • 80 Ah Batteries
    • Off Board 8 Amp Charger
    • 205 kg capacity


    Model: Cougar 14 power-wheelchairs, electric-wheelchair

    Part Number: G424L

    Colour: Ruby Red

    Length: 99 cm

    Width: 69 cm

    Height: 117 cm

    Weight: 126 kg (w/ 80 Ahr batteries)

    Weight (without batteries): 76 kg

    Weight Capacity: 135 kg

    Turning radius: 57 cm

    Maximum speed: 9.6 km / hr

    Maximum range *: Up to 35 km ( in ideal conditions )

    Maximum slope: 12° (Maximum – load capacity reduces to 75kg at maximum gradient)

    Ground clearance: 8 cm

    Obstacle Ability: 11 cm

    Seating: Large Captain’s seat, swivel, lift up arm rests, reclining 9-31°, width 54 x depth 51 x height 54 cm,
    Floor to seat height range 55-60 cm, weight 20 kg

    Braking: Intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic brakes

    Front caster: 125 x 50 mm solid

    Mid Drive Wheels: 350 mm pneumatic

    Rear Caster: 100 x 50 mm solid

    Tyres pressure: 40 psi (50 psi max, if pneumatic)

    Suspension: Independant on all wheels

    Motor: 2x 24V DC, 1000W (1.34 HP)

    Controller: PG S Drive / VR2 (Programmable) (Speed lowers on turning)

    Batteries: 2 x 12 V x 80 Ah

    Battery charger: Off board 8 Amp

    * Varies with user weight, terrain type, driving style, battery charge, battery condition, temperature, and tyre / wheel type and condition. Information taken from manufacturers specifications.

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