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Factory 25/58 Mahoneys Rd, Thomastown VIC 3074
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Mobility Scooter Tyres


    Mobility Scooter / Wheelchair / Scooter Tyres / Tires and Tubes

    When it comes to maintaining the performance and safety of your mobility scooter and wheelchair tyres and tubes, the condition of your tyres and tubes is crucial. At Mobility Scooters for Hire Sales Service, we understand the importance of reliable and high-quality wheelchair tyres and tubes to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride with security.

    Our mobility scooter tyres and electric wheelchair tyres are designed to provide exceptional traction and stability on various surfaces. They are made from durable and grippy materials that offer excellent grip, allowing you to confidently navigate different terrains and weather conditions.

    We offer wheelchair tyres and tubes that are built to withstand regular use and provide long-lasting performance. Our products are sourced from reputable manufacturers known for their quality and durability, ensuring that you can rely on them for a smooth and hassle-free ride.

    Mobility Scooters for Hire, supplies Tyres and Tubes nationwide, and replaces and installs tyres and tubes in Melbourne for use in mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, scooters and other electric mobility devices.

    Delivery nationwide.

    Tyres & Tubes for all mobility products and devices, largest selection, covers all makes and models.

    Mobility Scooters for Hire Sale Service, supplies and installs Tyres and Tubes around Melbourne for use in mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, scooters and other electric mobility devices. Delivery nationwide.

    Specialising in all types of mobility scooter and mobility item tyres, just contact us for advice, service and supply nationwide.


    Mobility and motor scooter tyres for all makes and models of electric and petrol scooters are covered by this nomenclature. Many tread patterns of scooter tyres are available, including solid no-flat, tubeless and tubed and premium quality electric scooter tyres for many applications.

    1. If an “x” separates the 1st set of numbers, the 1st number is the outside diameter on all scooter tyres and the 2nd number is the overall width. If a third number is used, that number represents the inside tyre diameter, or the outside diameter of the rim.
    2. If a “/” separates the 1st set of numbers, the 1st number is the overall width of the tyre and the 2nd number identifies the section height. This is the measurement from the crown to the bead of the tyre. The last number is the rim diameter.
    3. The overall diameter of the tyre is D + D + C. For example, a 4.10/3.50-4 tyre’s overall diameter is 11″ (3.5 + 3.5 + 4).
    4. Some sizes omit the tyre width measurement completely, such as a 3.00-4 tyre. In this example, the “3.00” is the measure of the section height and the “4” is the rim diameter, or the inside diameter of the tyre.


    All tubes used on mobility scooters and electric and manual wheelchairs use Schrader Valves. These are an American (USA) invention, and sometimes designated AV (American Valve). These are the same as used on cars. Some bicycles still use the old type of European valves designated FV for French Valve.

    The valves may come in different lengths and shapes, and for mobility scooters are normally bent at 90° (TR87), or maybe straight (TR13 for larger wheels). Sometimes the TR13 is available as TR04 that has a threaded valve stem.

    If you have a requirement for a tyre, or tube, give us a call to discuss, make sure you have the tyre size required.


    We repair and fit the tyre(s) and tube(s). You may bring your scooter / device to our base at 58 Mahoneys Rd, Factory 25, Thomastown, VIC 3074.

    We will collect your scooter if required, at standard travel charges. There is also the standard fitting / change tyre changing fee per wheel, plus the cost of tyre(s) / tube(s).

    For punctures, it is more economical and best to replace the tube. We recommend replacement of the tube in most circumstances, however for an expensive tube we may be able to repair the puncture. It is recommended that tubes are replaced after about five to seven years use, or at every second tyre change.

    Prices of tyres and tubes, plus freight delivered to your door by courier if required.

    Mobility Scooters for Hire Sale Service supply tyres and tubes from many sources, so please ask if your requirement is not shown. Some tyres / tubes, are not kept in stock due to low demand, but if shown can be obtained.

    Specialising in all types of mobility scooter, wheelchair, electric wheelchair and scooter tyres and tubes, even prams are covered, just contact us for advice, service and supply. If a tyre or tube has 0 stock, it does not mean it is unavailable. All tyres/tubes can be ordered in and shipped straight to your residence if needed. Note: For zero stock items, prices may change when ordered.

    Phone : (03) 7036 4440 or Email Mobility Scooters for Hire

    PicsSizeDescriptionValve TypePrice


    (see pic above for valve type) (NOTE : All straight valve tubes are cheaper. If filling is much more difficult with a straight valve, we do not stock these if a bent valve alternative is available)

    PicSizeDescriptionValve TypePrice
    6x1.25 tube6×1.25Tube45°23.50
    8x1.25 tr87 tube8×1.25-1.5Tube45°39.00
    8x1.25 tr87 tube8×2 (200×50)Tube45°39.00
    8x1.25 tr87 tube8-1/2×2 (50/75-6.1)Tube Xiaomi M365 PRO / Mearth Pro45°17.00
    8x1.25 tr87 tube10×2.0Tube
    For Rear Outdoor Kneescoot Baby Stroller / Pram / Scooter
    RX TUS335
    8x1.25 tr87 tube10×2.125Tube AliEx
    10 Inch 10×2.125 Inner Tube For Segway F20/F25/F30/F40 Electric Scooters
    8x1.25 tr87 tube10×2.5 (80/65-6)Tube for Baby Stroller / Pram / Scooter / KUGOO M4 PRO Zero ALSO fits 65/60-5 Al Ex45°18.50
    8x1.25 tr87 tube12×1.75/1.95Tube45°22.00
    8x1.25 tr87 tube12×1.75/1.95Tube0° StraightTR1316.00
    8x1.25 tr87 tube12×2.125
    Tube Al Ex45°19.60
    12x2.75/3.00 tube12×2.75/3.00Tube use 12×2.125TR0419.00
    2.75x14 tube tdpro9912.5×1.75
    Tube Al ExTR8716.00
    2.75x14 tube tdpro9912.5×2.25
    Tube RX TUS308 / BikeStore / PT TU01 (TR13)TR8720.00
    2.75x14 tube tdpro9912.5×2.5/2.75 (60/100-14)TubeTR040.00
    2.75x14 tube tdpro9914×1.75/2.125Tube Al ExTR1322.00
    2.75x14 tube tdpro9914×2.75 (60/100-14)Tube Use 14×2.125TR040.00
    24x1-3/8 tube16×1.50/2.00 16×1.75/2.125 (57×305) 16×2.50 (63×305) 16×3.00 (76×305)Tube Rebel Sport Repco Use 16× 19.00 21.00 21.00
    22x1-3/8 tube22×1-3/8Tube RX TUS212TR1316.00
    24x1-3/8 tube22×1-3/4Tube RX TUS202TR1316.50
    24x1-3/8 tube24×1-3/8Tube without sealant RX TUS175 with sealant RX TAS300TR1314.00 27.00
    tube 26x1-3/8 shrader valve26×1-3/8Tube without sealant RX TUS132 with sealant RX TUTP120TR1315.00 24.00
    200x50250×50 same as/use 10×2Tube SR-670090 / Al ExTR87
    250-4250-4Tube PT TU041TR8717.90
    250-4280/250-4Tube Bandit Lion RX TUS 450 / TG TUBE2802504TR8717.90
    250-4300-4 (260×85)Tube Daytona SR 670060 / RX TUS500 / TG TUBE3004TR8717.00
    3.50-4 tr87 inner tube3.50-4 (9×3.50-4)Tube PT TU044TR8723.50
    4.10/3.50-44.10/3.50-4 400-4 11×4.00-4Tube PT TU043 / RX TUS550TR8715.50
    300-865/60-5 (w55)Tube fits TGA Maximo 9.5×3-5 tyre (3.00/2.25-5 75/55-5)TR8758.00
    Tube Can use 12×2.0WM 44600324TR8770.00
    300-8250/300-5 (w78) 350/300-5 (w84)TubeTR8758.00
    300-8300/350-5 (w95)Fits TGA Maximo 9.5×3-5 Envoy / PythonDD C06-067-00202 N/A Use 350/300-5 DD EBT 3.00-5/3.40-5/3.50-5 HDTR8759.00 59.00 35.00
    4.10/3.50-54.10/3.50-5 400-5 330×100 11×4.00-5Tube PT TU051 / RX TUS552TR8715.50
    4.10/3.50-6400-5 (4.10/3.50-5)Tube Blazer use 4.10/3.50-5 …. SR 640040 / RX TUS552TR87
    300-8250-6 250/300-6Tube PT TU061TR8712.00
    4.10/3.50-64.10/3.50-6All yellow column interchangeable if need be from top down – not bottom upTube PT TU063 / RX TUS554TR8712.50
    4.10/3.50-6350/400-6 Tube Al ExTR1334.00
    4.10/3.50-6400-6 13×4.00‐6 Tube Avenger Charger Everest Phantom
    TG TUBE4006
    13x5-6 TR87 tube12×5.00-6 Tube TG TUBE125006TR8735.90
    13x5-6 TR87 tube13×5.00-6 Tube PT TU065 / RX TUS900TR8719.00
    13x5-6 TR87 tube15×6.00-6 145/70-6Tube PT TU069TR8719.90
    300-890/65-6.5Tube AliEx
    For Kugoo G Booster Dualtron Ultra Speedual Plus Zero 11x Electric Scooter Bikes
    300-880/65-8Tube Kymco Agility K44712-ACF5-E20TR8739.50
    300-890/40-8Tube S17 Cutie front can use 12×1.75-2.125TR8739.00
    300-82.50-8 (13×2.5×8) (12.5×2.25) (57-203/62-203)Tube RX TUS590VATR8719.50
    300-82.50/3.00-8 (300-8)Tube PT TU081TR8716.50
    300-8100/70-8Tube S17 Cutie rear 74023040R (use 12×1.75-2.125 / 300-8)TR8739.00
    300-8110/55-8Tube TG TUBE110558TR8729.00
    300-813×3.50-8Tube Mustang front
    TG TUBE133508
    Tube PM 74023047R / Al ExTR8739.00
    300-8320/400-8 350/400-8 12.5×4.00-8 13×4.00-8Tube RX TUS905 130/140XL / Vita / S16/S17TR8739.50
    300-8350/400-8 14×4.00-8Tube Mustang rear / Safari front and rear
    TG TUBE144008
    300-8400-8Tube PT TU083TR8728.50
    300-8500-8Tube PT TU085JS02 like TR8725.50


    PT TU100 (will fit up to 300-10 incl Cobra) PT TU101 (80/100-10) LEMS PT TU104

    80/90 90/90-10 Proacc 300/350 HWBR004 Afi (Cobra) (use 250/275-10) (Cobra) (use 250/275-10)




    300-82.75/3.00-12Tube PT TU121TR0423.00
    300-82.75/3.00-14 60/100-14Tube PT TU141TR0423.00

    Solid Tyres

    PicSizeCodeDetail MakePrice
    knock on axel caps8 mm axelknock on axel capsChrome platedN/ARX2.00
    150x40x40x8 castor wheel150×35 7.5×1.5″ 40×8 5/16″ axleWheelchairs Carts etc
    flat free
    Grey non markingN/AEBT35.00 single 65.00 pair
    190x40x40x8 castor wheel190×40 7.5×1.5″ 40×8 5/16″ axleWheelchairs Carts etc
    flat free
    Grey non markingN/AEBT35.00 single 65.00 pair
    190x40x40x10 castor wheel200×25 8×1″ 55×8 mm axleKnee Scoot / Wheelchairs axle bolt(s) provided
    flat free
    Grey non markingN/AWheel Works45.00 single 80.00 pair
    190x40x40x10 castor wheel200×32 8×1-1/4″ 40×8 mm axleKnee Scoot / Wheelchairs axle bolt(s) provided
    flat free
    Grey non markingN/ARX WCC007B35.00 single 60.00 pair
    215flatfreewheel200×35 8×1.75″
    40×10 axle
    Wheelchairs Carts etc
    flat free
    Grey non markingN/AWesfarm40.00 single 75.00 pair
    215flatfreewheel200×35 8×1.75″
    50×8 axle
    Wheelchairs Carts etc
    flat free
    Grey non markingN/AEBT30.00 single 50.00 pair
    200x50 grey Wheelchair Castor Wheel200×50 60×8 axelElectric Wheelchair CastorGrey non markingN/AEBT65.00 single 110.00 pair
    190x50 Solid Tyre190×5010mm axle diameter 45mm axle length
    50mm wheel width
    190mm wheel diameter
    Rounded tread  109.00
    venom scout front wheel8″ 200×50S06-060-00200Scout Venom Front wheel DD109.00
    venon scout rear wheel8″ 200×50S06-060-00100Scout Venom Rear wheel DD119.00
    grey foam filled 200x50 tyre200×50RXGrey Rib Foam Filled Flat FreeN/ACheng Shin58.00
    black foam filled 200x50 tyre200×50RXBlack Rib Foam Filled Flat FreeN/ACheng Shin58.00
    300-4 solid diamond tyre300-4RX TYP900Grey Solid Flat FreeN/APUF70.00
    SR 260x85 300-4 flat free tyre260×85
    front SR-560111 rear SR-560091Foam Filled Flat FreeN/ASR92.00
    SR 260x85 300-4 flat free tyre grey260×85
    front SR-560110 rear SR-560090Grey Foam Filled Flat FreeN/ASR92.00
    300-4 foam filled tyre IA2804 blk300-4TG TYRFF3004BlackN/ATG89.00
    SR 330x100 400-5 flat free tyre330×100
    front SR-650103
    rear SR-650102
    Foam Filled Flat FreeN/ASR100.00
    SR 330x100 400-5 flat free tyre grey TG330×100
    front SR-650101
    rear SR-650100
    Grey Foam Filled Flat FreeN/ASR105.00
    TG 410/350-5 FF tyre4.10/3.50-5TG TYRFF4103505Black Foam Filled Flat FreeN/ATG105.00
    400-5 foam filled tyre C154 TG400-5TG TYRFF4005Black Foam Filled Flat FreeN/ATG99.00
    TG 410/350-6 FF tyre4.10/3.50-6TG TYRFF4103506Black Foam Filled Flat FreeN/ATG121.00
    12-1/2×2-1/4QHDCGrey Foam Filled Flat FreeN/ACheng Shin129.00
    heartway solid 90/40-8 black 1190/40-811″x3.5″ S17 Cutie
    front wheel tyres
    Black Solid Flat FreeN/AHeartway89.00
    TG 110/55-8 FF tyre110/55-8TG TYRFF110558Black Foam Filled Flat FreeN/ATG140.00
    QHDC Power Plant grey foam2.50-8QHDC 9000011Grey Foam Filled Flat FreeN/APRIMO C177G163.00
    QHDC Durotap 300-8 gray foam filled3.00-8QHDC 9000067Grey Foam Filled Flat FreeN/APRIMO C9210G180.50
    Kenda-block-300-8-K3723.00-8QHDC 9000066Grey Foam Filled Flat FreeN/APRIMO C248G175.75
    SR 360x75 300-8 flat free tyre360×75 3.00-8SR-670083Foam Filled Flat FreeN/ASR115.00
    SR 360x75 300-8 flat free tyre grey360×75 3.00-8SR-670088Grey Foam Filled Flat FreeN/ASR115.00
    14x300-8 blk fom filled cheng shin14×3.00-8Cheng ShinBlack Foam Filled Flat FreeN/AEBT63.00
    14x300-8 grey foam filled cheng shin14×3.00-8Cheng ShinBlack Foam Filled Flat FreeN/AEBT63.00
    TG 14x400-8 FF tyre14×4.00-8TG TYRFF144008Black Foam Filled Flat FreeN/ATG172.50


    PicSizeCodeDetail MakePrice
    26x1-3/8 wheelchair tyre24×1-3/8RX TYS1382Wheelchair pneumatic
    Grey non marking
    26×1-3/8RX TYS1280Wheelchair pneumatic
    Grey non marking
    24x1-3/8 solid puf black tyre24×1-3/8RX TYP748Wheelchair Solid PUF
    Black non marking
    24 x 1-3/8 black polyurethane solid tyre24×1-3/8Snap-On Black SolidMW-Chairn/aVarious30.60
    deli rib grey 200x50 tyre7×1-3/4
    RX TYS 1860VAGrey Ribbed4PRInnova34.00
    8x1.25 groved tyre8×1.25 (205×32)AEXScoota Hongda44.00
    10×2RX TYS1755VA
    outdoor Kneescoot
    rear tyre
    12-1/2x2-1/4 RX black tyre12.5×2.25RX TYS1630
    outdoor Kneescoot
    front tyre
    2.50-8 grey tyre QHDC12.5×2.25QHDC 9000003
    use 12.5×2.25 tube
    Grey C6234PRCheng Shin45.00
    12-1/2x2-1/4 RX grey tyre12.5×2.25RX TYS1660
    tubes TUS308/TUS310/
    heavy duty
    12-1/2x2-1/4 RX grey tyre12.5×2.25RX TYS1648Grey S1554PRTYS15.00
    deli rib grey 200x50 tyre200×50 27.5×93RX S379 SR-610018 PT TY01 S379Grey Ribbed4PRDeli46.00
    kings multi rib kt501200×50PT TY02 S379Black Multi Rib4PRDeli39.00
    200x50 razor Scooter tyre200×50EBT20050 370gBlack ScooterN/ARazor57.00
    250-4 P522 4pr industrial tyre2.50-4PT TY0401N P522Industrial4PROmega29.00
    2.80/2.50-4 Grey Ribbed Cheng Shin tyre2.80/2.50-4 9×3″ 225x63mmRX TYS1765Grey Ribbed4PRCheng Shin36.00
    Shoprider 200x50 grey ribbed tyre2.80/2.50-4SR-620010Grey Ribbed4PRSR65.00
    minimidimoto 2.80/2.50-4 Dilenger rear tyre2.80/2.50-4MMM E-Bike / ScooterDillenger Rear Std4PRZhen Xin49.00
    PSUK 2.80/2.50-4 highway tyre2.80/2.50-4PSUK E-Bike / ScooterDillenger Rear Highway (softer)3PRN.H.S. Hengshin45.00
    Kings KT601 280/250-4 highway tyre2.80/2.50-4PT TY040 S378Grey Highway4PRDeli55.00
    Kings KT601 280/250-4 highway tyre2.80/2.50-4PT TY0400 P606Highway4PRWanda Journey41.00
    Trelleborg grey block T991 tyre3.00-4
    (260-85) 10×3-4
    PT TY04022 -T991Utility6PRTrelleborg53.00
    Hua Jian 300-4 blk smooth3.00-4
    HJ-107-14Smooth4PRHua Jian40.00
    RX TYS1815VAGrey Ribbed4PRInnova44.00
    Deli Grey Diamond 3.00-4 S3103.00-4
    PT TY04010 S310Grey Diamond4PRDeli42.50
    deestone diamond kt6053.00-4
    PT TY04011 P6075 RX TYS1814Diamond Black4PRJourney Deli S31040.00
    RX TYS1813VABlack Block4PRInnova44.00
    innova 260x85 300-4 grey3.00-4
    SR-670049Grey Universal flat profile4PRInnova46.00
    innova 260x85 300-4 3.00-4
    SR-670050Universal flat profile4PRInnova46.00
    Deli Grey Diamond 3.00-4 S3104.10/3.50-4PT TY04060 S356Grey Diamond4PRDeli54.00
    4.10/3.50-4PT TY04081 P605Diamond4PRJourney40.00
    Wisking Blk Z-block 4.10/3.50-4 tyre4.10/3.50-4PT TY041 T539Turf Z-Block6PRTrelleborg48.00
    Wanda Utliliy 300-4 P523 4.00-4PT TY0404 P523Utility4PRWanda Journey Trelleborg48.00
    400-4 T991 6PR Utility Trelleborg tyre4.00-4PT TY0406 T991Utility6PRTrelleborg69.00
    PT Wanda P332 13x5.00-6 6PR Journey tyre11×4.00-4 100/70-4PT TY046 P332Power Turf tube 410/350-44PRJourney (Wanda)49.00
    Power Turf 12x5.00-4 2PR Carlisle tyre12×5.00-4PT Y048 P332Power Turf tube 410/350-42PR 4PRCarlisle Journey (Wanda79.00
    kings sawtooth kt603 4.10/3.50-53.40/3.00-5PT TY0510 P606Highway4 PRJourney54.00
    100/60-8 low profile tyres for heartway / scooters / vespa90/70-544600325Quingo Vitesse use 90/70-5 tube Can use 10×2.04PRWM180.00
    300-5 DD C06-067-00100 Python Tyre 3.00-5 215/300-5 11×2.25-5DD C06-067-00100LP Envoy/Python Std Rim 2.154 PRWU’S155.00
    PT Wanda P332 13x5.00-6 6PR Journey tyre11×4.00-5 100/70-5PT TY05 P332Power Turf Tycoon front tube 410/350-54PRJourney (Wanda)54.00
    PT T510 multi rib 13x5.00-6 tyre11×4.00-5PT-T508Multi Rib4PRJourney59.00
    Deli Grey Diamond 3.00-4 S3104.10/3.50-5PT TY05410 S356Grey Diamond Non Marking4PRDeli49.00
    kings diamond 4.10/3.50-5 tyre4.10/3.50-5PT TY053 P605Black Diamond4PRJourney34.00
    kings sawtooth kt603 4.10/3.50-54.10/3.50-5PT TY054 KT603Highway4PRKings39.00
    innova universal 330x100 400-5 grey4.10/3.50-5Not AvailableUniversal Grey4PRInnova0.00
    innova universal 330x100- 400-54.10/3.50-5SR-670062Universal flat profile4PRInnova49.00
    410/350-5_RX_TYS1778CVA_Blk_Innova_tyre.jpg4.10/3.50-5RX TYS1778CVABlack Block4PRInnova56.00
    300-5 DD C06-067-00100 Python Tyre 12×4.00-5TG TYR124005Low Profile Blazer4PRTG98.00
    Wanda Utliliy 300-4 P523 4.00-5 (330×100)PT TY056 P523Grey Utility Non Marking4PRJourney53.00
    Wanda Utliliy 300-4 P523 4.00-5 (330×100)PT TY055 P523 SR-650072 RX TYS1845VABlack Utility4PRJourney Innova53.00
    shoprider gripped 400-5 tyreoriginal 4004.00-5 (330×100)SR-650065Shoprider Original Rear4PRSR77.00
    shoprider original ribbed 300-4 tyre4.00-5 (330×100)SR-650060Shoprider Original Front4PRSR77.00
    innova universal 330x100 400-5 grey4.00-5 (330×100)SR-650071Grey Universal flat profile4PRInnova62.00
    innova universal 330x100- 400-54.00-5 (330×100)SR-650070Universal flat profile4PRInnova62.00
    Shoprider 2.50x8 black pneumatic tyre2.50-6SR-610015 SR-6100XXGrey Black4PRDeli Phishang75.00 75.00
    pt_ty060_hf216_250-6_tonkeep_tyre2.50-6PT TY060 HF216Black4PRTonkeep38.00
    100/60-8 low profile tyres for heartway / scooters / vespa90/70-6 (12″x3.5″) 11.5×3.5-674013072RScooter, S16A Venus front / rear use 2.50-6 tube4PRPM82.90
    Prowler alternative very slightly smaller diameter90/90-6 350/350-6 11.5×3.5-6Qing Da xtikProwler 3310 / 3410 alternative4PRMSPenquire RGanother in stock
    13x4-6 primo low profile suit Pride 130xl mobility scooter300/70-6 (12×3.5) 12×3.5-6Avanticare IA-2884Prowler 3310 / 3410 original4PRMSPenquire RGanother in stock
    innova universal 330x100 400-5 grey4.10/3.50-6SR-650064Grey Universal flat profile4PRInnova79.00
    innova universal 330x100- 400-54.10/3.50-6NOT AVAILABLEUniversal flat profile4PRInnova00.00
    Diamond 410/350-6 kt6024.10/3.50-6PT TY06071 S356Grey Diamond4PRJourney54.00
    Deli black diamond 4.10/3.50-5 S-356 tyre4.10/3.50-6PT TY0607 P605Diamond6PRJourney35.00
    kings sawtooth kt603 4.10/3.50-54.10/3.50-6PT TY0606 P606Highway6PRJourney35.00
    Afikim S4 front tyre 41.0/3.50-64.10/3.50-6HW4W018Afi C Afi S fr4PRCheng Shin52.00
    300-5 DD C06-067-00100 Python Tyre 13×4.00-6TG TYR134006Low Profile Avenger, Everest, Charger4PRTG112.50
    T991 400-6 utility 6pr trelleborg4.00-6 (14×4)PT-T991Utility6PRTrelleborg79.00
    Block 400-6 kt6084.00-6 (13×4)PT TY0604 P521Block4PROmega42.00
    PT Wanda P332 13x5.00-6 6PR Journey tyre13×5.00-6PT TY0612 P332Power Turf6PRJourney Wanda61.00
    PT T510 H DUTY MULTI RIB 6PR13×5.00-6PT TY0613 T510Multi Rib6PRTrelleborg72.00
    Shoprider Golf rear tyre 13x5-613×5.00-6SR-670087Turf Golf Rear6PRSR115.00
    CY Moto Quingda 13x5.00-6 deep ridge tyre13×5.00-6CY-DrifterDeep Ridge6PRQuingda76.00 4x 234.00
    kings sawtooth kt603 4.10/3.50-55.30/4.50-6PT TY0608 P606 use 400-6 tubeHighway4PRJourney58.00
    PT Wanda P332 13x5.00-6 6PR Journey tyre15×6.00-6PT TY0621 P332Power Turf6PRJourney Wanda74.00
    PT T510 H DUTY MULTI RIB 6PR15×6.00-6PT TY06221 T508Multi Rib6PRJourney62.00
    PT T510 H DUTY MULTI RIB 6PR15×6.00-6PT TY06221DELI S317Multi Rib6PRDeli48.00
    Shoprider 2.50x8 black pneumatic tyre2.50-8SR-640051Black4PRDeli65.00
    QHDC Durotap 300-8 gray foam filled2.50-8QHDC 9000010Grey C9210G4PRPRIMO C177G62.60
    QHDC Durotap 300-8 gray foam filled3.00-8QHDC 9000062Grey C9210G4PRPRIMO C910G108.30
    PT C628 grey Deli 300x8 tyre3.00-8PT TY08 C628Grey Block4PRDeli35.00
    Kenda-block-300-8-K3723.00-8 (360×75)PT TY080 P6023Black Deep Grove Block Safari / 140XL / Rocky 84PRJourney39.00
    100/60-8 low profile tyres for heartway / scooters / vespa90/40-8 11×3.5-874055035RS17 Cutie Front (tube 12×1.75-2.125)4PRPM104.00
    TG 110/55-8 FF tyre110/55-8 12.5×4.3-8TG TYR110558Low Profile TG 400/6004PRTG79.00
    Kymco Agility Front and Rear Unilli Tyre80/65-8K44711-ACF5-ETyre – Front & Rear Kymco Agility4PRUnilli79.00
    90/60-8 scooter tyre90/65-8 13×3.5-8PT TY0800Scooter Tyre4PRPT14.00
    300-5 DD C06-067-00100 Python Tyre 13×3.50-8TG TYR133508Low Profile4PRTG121.00
    100/60-8 low profile tyres for heartway / scooters / vespa100/50-8 (13×4) Scooter Vita S12front (try 12×1.75-2.125)4PRPM85.50
    100/60-8 low profile tyres for heartway / scooters / vespa100/60-8 (13×4) 13×5-874013073RScooter Vita S12 front (try 12×1.75-2.125)4PRPM85.50
    100/60-8 low profile images/tyres for heartway / scooters / vespa100/70-8 13.5×4-874055041RS17 Cutie Rear (use 12 x 2.125 tube)4PRPM121.00
    13x4-8 primo low profile suit Pride 130xl mobility scooter13×4.00-8C-9328 TIRPNEU1088 PT TY0810 C9328(try use 100/60-8 / 110/55-8) (maybe 13×3.50-8 / PT TY0800)LP 130XL 140XL4PRPM Primo164.00 154.00
    100/60-8 low profile tyres for heartway / scooters / vespa115/55-8 (13×5)74013071RScooter Vita S12 rear 110/55-8 tube4PRPM109.00
    350-10 knobbies3.50-8 (14×3.50-8)PT TY08011 P240 PT TY0801 HF204Block Trail Super Knobby4PRJourney Duro52.00 59.00
    14x3.50-8 tyre14×3.50-8 (14×3.50-8)44689070Super Smooth Highway S9404PRMER129.00
    TG 14x400-8 FF tyre14×4.00-8TG QLSL06P233AB4Low Profile Mustang Safari4PRTG148.00
    lady bug 300-10 tyre300-10WWMCLady Bug MXC98.00
    300-10-afi300-10HWBR001Afi S3 front4PRCheng Shin111.00
    300-10-afi350-10HWBR003Afi S3/S4 rear4PRCheng Shin119.00
    Pirelli 3.50-10 low profile350-10RL-51J-LPClassic Scooter Afi S4 rear6PRPirelli90.00
    DD Cobra tyre100/55-10C05-063-00203Cobra Gopher 250-10 TR13 250/275-10 TR04 tube4PRMax Power DD PM145.00
    Kenda K413 Front/Rear Motorcycle Bias Tire - 100/90R10 56J amazon100/90-10Kenda 044131010B1King Cobra4PRAmaz179.00
    king cobra rear tyre100/90-10C06-062-00600King Cobra 350/400-10 tube or 300/350-104PRDD gumbondei242.00
    16x3.00x10 tyre 44600593 16/4.00-10 (90/80-10)44600592Super Smooth Highway S9404PRMER MON166.00 –
    400-10 S252 deli tyre4.00-10PT TY10050 H1021Highway6PRJourney98.00
    daisy and flistar tyre4.00-10RTPLDaisy4PRSeyoun NYK 60J90.00
    Pride Sportrider 2.75x14 tyre 2.75×14 60/100-14 19×2.75″C05-061-00502Sportrider4PRPride188.00
    Easy Rider 2.75x14 tyre2.75×14 60/100-14 19×2.75″C05-061-00500 305-061-00502AUEasy Rider4PRDrive193.00
    Nylon Ozimex 2.50x16 tyre/tube set 2.125×16 (57×305)TDRE-bike Ibosa Scooter4PRCheng Shin65.00
    Nylon Ozimex 2.50x16 tyre/tube set 2.50×16 (64×305)TDRDillenger front4PRCheng Shin65.00
    Nylon Ozimex 3.00x16 tyre/tube set 3.00×16MPE-bike Scooter4PRVarious65.00

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