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    Heavy Duty Deep Cycle

    LION 12V 150 Ahr Gel Battery
    Lion Gelled Electrolyte Deep Cycle Batteries represent the ultimate in Deep Cycle technology. Designed specifically for demanding Deep Cycle applications, the integrity of Lion Gel Batteries is maintained even under extreme conditions. Gel technology allows for a fully sealed battery design with active electrolyte held in a gelified state with internal recombination of more than 99% of internally produced gases. The battery is safe to use in gas sensitive applications such as Motorhomes, boats and mobility equipment and can be left in a fully discharged state without any loss of battery capacity if not recharged immediately. Lion Gel Deep Cycle Batteries are now available in the latest technology ‘EV’ design are ideal for repeated cycling use and offer excellent performance over long discharges.

    Gel design technology for specific Deep Cycle applications

    • Designed to exhibit high temperature stability and mechanical strength, resulting in excellent resistance to vibration and mechanical shock.
    • Gelled electrolyte (not liquid) allows for non spill safety in mobility and related applications with no risk of gas escape under normal operating conditions
    • Gel technology allows for batteries to remain in an uncharged state for extended periods without damage
    12 months warranty.
    Lion Batteries have been around a long time and their batteries are of superior technology with excellent Longevity, thus we are able to offer a full 12 months warranty. Other sizes of rechargeable and deep cycle batteries available, including uses such as recreational, marine, motorcycle, automobile, fork lift and motive powers, communications, and stand by applications. Please contact. Mobility Scooters for Hire is an authorised reseller of Lion Batteries.
    Weight45.5 kg
    Length483 mm
    Width170 mm
    Height242 mm
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