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    Weely Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair 44 cm wide


    Mid Wheel Drive

    Weely is a superior and extremely handy tilt-in-space wheelchair with a very short turning radius for moving about in a restricted space. Its design allows the user to move in an easy and efficient way, even with seat tilted.The central wheels are always well positioned and optimises the movement of the shoulders and arms.

    The stability of the Weely is remarkable even with the seat tilted at 35°.The harmonious adaptation of the seat to each propulsion mode reveals its unique character.The usual compromise between the resting and appropriate driving postures is not an issue for the users of the Weely.

    Indoors, its suspended front and rear wheels allow to cross small obstacles smoothly.Outdoors, its innovative frame allows the attendant to negotiate kerbs up to 13 cm high.

    True Tilt-in-Space DesignThe Weely allows full reclining of the user with a tilt angle of 35°, and in addition, the backrest may be tilted from 85 to 120°.

    Elevating Length Adjustable Legrests The Weely legrests may be individually adjusted for leg length and elevation to the horizontal.

    Reclining backrest The Weely backrest is very supportive with an adjustable height length of 56 – 78 cm.The backrest can be reclined from the vertical to horizontal.

    Seat widths The Weely seats we have for rental are two different machines with seat widths; 44 cm (This is unit displayed)55 cm

    Specifications specific to our Hire Weely The details specific to our hire Weely’s is as below on this page, not the as per other model information on the manual that maybe downloaded.

    Restraint for transport The front and rear frame members are to be used as restraint points for transport.


    • Model:  2-R-W-RB – Rigid padded backrest
    • Length:  95 – 118 cm (Legrests down – up)
    • Width:  64 cm
    • Seat Width:  44 cm
    • Seat Depth:  53 cm
    • Seat Height:  42 – 48 cm
    • Backrest Height:  56 – 78 cm
    • Tilt Seat:  0 – 35°
    • Recline Backrest:  85 – 120°
    • Weight:  38 kg
    • Weight Capacity:  140 kg
    • Braking:  Two hand manual
    • Wheels (front):  15 cm grey solid casters
    • Wheels (mid):  56 cm grey foam filled non puncturing
    • Wheels (rear):  15 cm grey solid casters
    • Transit:  Tie down available

    Safety Instructions

    • It is the responsibility of the user to inform all other persons who use the wheelchair about possible dangers
    • When tilting and negotiating obstacles such as curbs and stairs, go slowly, carefully and cautiously
    • Always operate wheelchair as advised by doctor, physiotherapist  and as shown.
    • Do not use wheelchair on stairs or escalators
    • Maximum user weight is 70 kg
    • Children should not operate this wheelchair as this is not a toy.
    • Not suitable for visually impaired persons, because risk of injury outdoors is higher
    • Ensure wheelchair is fully open and wheels securely assembled
    • Ensure both brakes are activated when stationary
    • Do not stand or put pressure on foot plates when entering or exiting wheelchair
    • For safety it is recommended not to use outdoors when wet or below 0°C
    • Keep away from fire and heat
    • Do not use wheelchair as a ladder
    • Do not use as a seat in a vehicle, unless securely strapped with approved equipment
    • If the wheelchair is damaged, inform MS4H immediately and do not use until repaired or replaced
    • Ensure the tyre pressure is around 50 psi
    • If necessary, clean with warm water and mild soap
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