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    TravelScoot Junior


    Accessories & Parts:
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    Low Seat Adapter Module, $325.00
    Travel Set, $110.00
    Folding Shopping Basket, $90.00
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    Travelscoots are available in 1 main model
    TravelScoot Escape

    TravelScoot the lightest most compact foldable portable mobility scooter. Suitable for the Mobility Impaired, and even Children.
    Escape version, comes with a 252 Watt-hour lithium-ion battery. Weighs just 15 kg total, and to lift the frame is only 10 kg ! 20 km travel, Load 145 kg

    TravelScoot Escape Junior

    The TravelScoot Escape can come with two seat module adaptors, in order to assist smaller people or varying heights.

    For walking-disabled children from six years of age or around 100 cm in height, and adults less than 140 cm tall (if you have Dwarfism), we offer two lower-position seat modules.

    The mid module is designed to grow with the child. As the child grows, the seat can be raised gradually and the backrest can be moved as required. When the child grows to 140 cm, the mid module can be changed for the regular TravelScoot Escape configuration, if necessary.

    The Little Person (LP) Module is for Short-statured individuals, primarily those with achondroplasia, whom will find the lowest seat option very suitable, as it allows them to comfortably reach the handlebars and footrests.

    * For short individuals of proportionate build is we recommend our mid-mod.


    • Extremely lightweight just 15 kg including battery
    • Smallest packed dimensions 86 x 31 x 25 cm
    • Ideal for travel by air, ship, rail and public transport
    • Batteries are approved for air travel
    • High quality high-strength 7075 aircraft aluminium construction
    • High capacity 145 kg plus baggage
    • Exceptionally long range: up to 20 km
    • Pedestrian zone approved, inside and outside of public buildings
    • Built in cane/crutch holders standard
    • Can be ridden stiff legged (e.g. leg in cast)
    • Handlebar and seating position height adjustable
    • Included: 252Wh lithium-ion battery (For Deluxe Model)
    • Battery charger
    • Large canvas bag for carrying or storage
    • Canvas carry caddy for transporting small items
    • Tool kit
    • Seat spacers


    • Available Colours: Silver frame with Blue / Red fabric
    • Size Deluxe (unfolded): 94 x 59 x 69-99 cm (L x W x H)
    • Size Deluxe (folded): 104 x 38 x 25 cm (L x W x H)
    • Size Junior (unfolded): 86 x 51 x 61-89 cm (L x W x H)
    • Size Junior (folded): 97 x 38 x 25 cm (L x W x H)
    • Weight (total): 15 kg (Shopper 12 kg)
    • Weight (without battery / seat): 10 kg (Shopper 7 kg)
    • Weight capacity: 145 kg
    • Turning radius: 190 cm
    • Maximum speed: 6 kph (3.7 kph for Shopper model)
    • Maximum speed reverse: 3 kph
    • Maximum range *: 12 – 20 km (20 km Shopper model)
    • Maximum slope *: 13 ° (weight / model dependent)
    • Obstacle clearance: 1 cm
    • Motors: 1 x 200 Watt (Shopper 100 W)
    • Control operation: Throttle twist
    • Braking: Intelligent electromagnetic / manual
    • Wheels (front): 8×2″ 200×50 mm (Shopper 6×1.2″ 150x30mm)
    • Wheels (rear): 8×2.5″ 200×65 mm (Shopper 6×1.2″ 150x30mm)
    • Tyres: Type: front – solid puncture proof PU; rear – pneumatic
    • Batteries: 1x 25V 1.06 Ah 252 Wh Li-Ion (Std on all models) (alternate 0.585 Ah 151 Wh – for use on Shopper Junior models)
    • Battery charger: Off board 100-240 V
    • Recharge time: 8 hrs max
    • Shipping: 18.5 kg 94 x 35 x 30 cm (L x W x H)

    * Varies with user weight, terrain type, driving style, battery charge, battery condition, temperature, and tyre / wheel type and condition. Information taken from manufacturers specifications.

    Additional Information

    Check out the Owner’s manual  for more information about the Travelscoot
    Material Safety Data Sheet for Lithium Batteries PDF Document

    Installation Guide for Front Folding Basket


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