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    Supascoota with Twin Batteries(Dismantable Portable Electric Mobility Scooter Four Wheel Small Scooter with Two Batteries)

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    The lightest disability scooter ever. Use indoors / outdoors, at the supermarket, in the city, bus / train / cruise ship, on your next holiday, or just leave in the trunk ready for action. Only smooth / flat surfaces. Very good condition with trainer.


    • Weighs only 12.7 kg without battery or seat
    • Fold away and dismantles in seconds
    • Low bottom setting for tiller to allow under table use
    • 12Volt, 180watt Motor
    • 2x 20 Ah deep cycle batteries
    • Battery charge level indication
    • Forward and reverse drive
    • Comfortable seating position
    • Height adjustable seat
    • Rear view mirror – wide angle
    • Finger tip control for both forward and reverse
    • Control can be from either side – Left hand control if preferred
    • Forward / reverse switch
    • Worm drive gearbox
    • Dynamic braking
    • Fail safe electromagnetic brake
    • Suitable for smooth terrain only
    • Ideal for shopping centres and short downtown runs
    • Pneumatic tyres (for softer ride and less weight)
    • Very tight turning circle
    • Very easy to drive
    • Adjustable tiller
    • 100 kg capacity
    • Australian designed
    • Taiwanese engineered


    Available Colours: Orangutan Orange
    Length: 93 cm
    Width: 52 cm
    Height: 85 cm
    Weight: 29.3 kg
    Weight without batteries: 17.6 kg
    Weight without batteries, seat: 12.7 kg
    Weight of Heaviest Piece: 12.7 kg
    Weight Capacity: 95 kg
    Turning radius: 85 cm
    Maximum speed: 6 km / hr
    Maximum range *: Up to 10 km ( in ideal conditions )
    Maximum slope: 9 ° @ 80 kg
    Ground clearance: 7.3 cm
    Obstacle Ability: 3 cm
    Seating: Lightweight seat, low back
    Motor: 12 V 180 Watt
    Drive train: Worm drive sealed transaxle
    Braking: Dynamic regenerative electromechanical
    Stability: Optional anti-tip stabiliser kit available
    Wheels: Plastic black
    Tyres front: 50 x 200 mm pneumatic non marking high density puncture resistant
    Tyres rear: 50 x 200 mm pneumatic non marking high density puncture resistant
    Tyres pressure: 30 psi
    Batteries: 12 V – 2 x 20 Ah
    Battery charger: Off board 2.0 Amp

    * Varies with user weight, terrain type, driving style, battery charge, battery condition, temperature, and tyre / wheel type and condition. Information taken from manufacturers specifications.

    Additional Information



    The SupaScoota is not a full street scooter, but more suitable to shopping centres and similar public areas. All micro scooters have limited capabilities for street use, but the SupaScooter (mobility aids) has larger wheels than most and can cope with the streets better than the rest. The SupaScoota can climb gentle slopes such as wheelchair ramps and has wheels large enough to travel over moderately rough terrain.
    A single 12 volt battery is easier to load and unload from the SupaScoota than a battery pack with 2 batteries inside.
    "Dynamic braking" is achieved by changing the role of the motor and using it as a generator. This means that the motor has a braking effect. In mobility scooters such as the SupaScoota, the dynamic braking is applied immediately when the controls are released and will quickly stop the scooter. Dynamic braking is widely used in industry. The most visible and common examples of dynamic braking are electric trains and trams.
    The electro magnetic braking in the SupaScoota is similar to most other scooters. It consists of a disc brake on the motor which is operated by a magnet. The brake is released when the scooter control is operated and locks the motor when the controls are released. This is a "fail safe" system and that means that any fault in the controls or the release of the control lever, will cause the brake to operate and stop the scooter.
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