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    Pride Stowaway Wheelchair


    Easy Easy Easy ..

    Easy folding, easy opening, easy to carry, easy to store..

    Lightness & Flexibility

    The Pride Stowaway is ideal for users & carers wanting quality, lightness & flexibility not found in traditional wheelchairs

    Folds in two dimensions

    Clever design, allows the folding of the stowaway wheelchair to collapse inwards and downwards making for a very compact transportable device.

    Occupants and carers considered

    Ultra-lightweight, the Pride Stowaway folding wheelchair allows the occupant to travel in style.
    Whether going on holiday, going to the doctor, out for the day shopping, or just visiting friends, this highly adaptable, ultra compact, lightweight (only 12.3 kg) wheelchair is ideal for the occasional user both indoors and outdoors.


    • Stylish blue frame
    • Built in tipping lever – ideal for curbs
    • 31.5 cm rear wheels with solid tyre
    • Unique two way folding system
    • 46 cm seat width
    • Nylon padded back upholstery for added comfort
    • Flip up extendable foot rests
    • Swing up arm rests
    • Adjustable brake lever length
    • Storage space only 33x 84×51 cm
    • Weighs only 12.3 kg
    • Low maintenance
    • Occupant weight limit 110 kg


    • Model:  Stowaway
    • Weight (total):  12.3 kg
    • User Weight Max:  110 kg
    • Width:  58 cm
    • Length:  91 – 92 cm (Footrests in / out)
    • Height:  95 cm
    • Seat Width:  46 cm
    • Seat Depth:  43 cm
    • Seat Backrest Angle:  10°
    • Seat Backrest Height:  41 cm
    • Seat Frame Angle:  5°
    • Armrest Height:  21 cm
    • Footrest to Seat Height:  40 – 47 cm
    • Seat Front Edge to Ground:  49 cm
    • Push Handle Height:  93 cm
    • Wheels (front):  19 cm grey solid casters
    • Wheels (rear):  31.5 cm grey solid
    • Storage Space:  33x84x51 cm
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