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    PowerFirst 4 Amp Charger Aluminium Casing


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    PowerFirst is a Global Leader in Charger Manufacture.

    Chargers made by PowerFirst are imported by Ronica Trade and marketed by Mobility Scooters for Hire Sale Service nationwide.

    PowerFirst chargers are specifically designed to maximise the performance and life of Deep Cycle GEL and AGM Lead Acid Batteries, as used in mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, scooters, EV’s, and other mobility and medical electrical devices.

    To achieve the highest quality chargers, PowerFirst use high quality electronic parts, that have stability and long life and PowerFirst use sophisticated circuitry and charging algorithms.

    Cheap chargers just do not have the electronics, neither in parts nor in circuitry to provide the correct and suitable algorithm to charge the battery optimally and to the correct level. Both over and under charging will damage and shorten the battery life, sometimes severely. An incorrect charging algorithm will also compromise the life of the battery.

    As the battery is by far the most expensive item in the equation of an electric vehicle of any description, it is false economy to invest in a cheap charger. Cheap chargers may save you tens or even a hundred dollars, but then will cost you several hundreds of dollars in the years to come. Cheap chargers will shorten battery life, or worse, cause a catastrophic battery failure.

    Also, cheap chargers having cheap electronic parts, are prone to fail prematurely. In many cases, this will put further strain on the battery until a new charger is bought (another cost) as a replacement to charge the battery.

    PowerFirst chargers have proven over many years to be very reliable and accurate in performance. In fact, Ronica Trade has not had one warranty claim against a PowerFirst charger.

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