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    Memory Fabric


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    The PU Memory Foam Seat Fabric Covered Cushion is made of medium density PU foam and memory foam.

    These cushions are made with dual core high / med density memory foams. Memory foam seat cushions are ideal for people who suffer from back pain due to long periods of sitting, and would benefit those who would normally spend a lot of time in a wheelchair or in front of their computers at work, or if their profession requires long period of sitting.

    Please be aware that the cushion is made by temperature sensitive material.


    • Made with 100% Memory foam, temperature sensitive material.
    • Memory foam molds to body shape and evenly distribute body weight at sitting area and reduce pressure.
    • suitable for any chair especially for Wheel Chair. 
    • Black / white / silver color fabric cover with zipper. Washable with cold water and mild detergent


    • Easy Living brand Dual Memory Foam Wheelchair Cushion.
    • Material: Medium density memory foam
    • Dimension (L x W x H): 46 x 41 x 8 cm
    • Weight: approx 900 g
    • Colour: Black / white or silver

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