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Long live the King!

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    Want a Discount? Get $25.00 OFF!

    Interested in purchasing a Guardian MCareWatch? Go to Guardian Pendants website now and use the discount code ‘RT25′ and get $25 off the purchase price of the MCareWatch as listed here!


    This 4G Smart Watch is perfect for people who prefer a device that blends in with every day wear. Is someone you know prone to wandering and won’t wear a pendant? The mCareWatch comes with *geo-fencing and tracking features to bring peace of mind to the wearer’s family and friends.

    *A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a geographic area. It is used as a way to identify where you want the pendant user to stay in or away from (usually stay in). For example, a geo-fence would be setup around the pendant user’s home that is triggered when they leave the property.

    Introducing the mCareWatch Mobile Personal Alarm GPS Tracker

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