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    J90FL Large-Size Mobility Scooter

    Brand: Unknown


    The Goliath is one of the largest and most robust mobility scooters on the market.
    It is comfortable, powerful and has plenty of ground clearance.
    With a large 1300W continuous motor, 13 inch tyres, 16 kph speed and more than ample storage.
    The Goliath electric mobility scooter can tackle the harshest of environments.

    Predominantly used in the great Aussie outdoors where it feels right at home. Whether on a golf course, a farmers paddock, a gravel road or the footpath, the Goliath can handle anything thrown its way.

    Comfortable and powerful, modern accessories and components, strong LED lights, adjustable steering and luxury seating. It is robust, can carry up to 220 kgs and has a powerful 1300W motor able to move you along at up to 16 kph.

    A four wheel scooter designed for outdoor use. It comes standard with adjustable seat, headrest, adjustable suspension, wrap-around handle, front LED lights and a freewheel mode button on the control panel. It also features bumper bars, headlights, rear lights and indicators, reflectors, reversing beep (if wanted), and mirrors.

    The load capacity of a scooter may change according to the type of ground the scooter is used on. The supplier stated load capacity may have been given for the scooter that has been tested on flat ground.


    • angle adjustable steering tiller
    • battery level indicator
    • delta handle bars
    • finger or thumb lever controls
    • headlight switch
    • horn
    • key on/off
    • freewheel mode button on the control panel
    • speed selection
    • reversing beep (if wanted)
    • turn indicators
    • arm rests – height adjustable, lift up, padded
    • back rest – angle adjustable, contoured, depth adjustable, fold down, padded, upholstered
    • seat – contoured, padded, slides back and forth by pushing the lever at the front under the seat, swivels by pushing down on the lever at the side under the seat, upholstered
    • programable PGDT S Drive controller for speed, acceleration, alarms, etc; all to your requirments
    • frame – ABS plastic
    • not dismantable


    Model: Goliath J90FL

    Available Colours: Sky Blue

    Length: 160 cm

    Width: 69 cm

    Height: 128 cm

    Weight: 117 kg

    Battery Weight: ~37 kg

    Weight (without batteries): 80 kg

    Weight Capacity: 150 kg

    Turning radius: 220 cm

    Maximum speed: 16 km / hr

    Maximum range *: Up to 45 km ( in ideal conditions )

    Maximum slope: 15°

    Ground clearance: 10 cm

    Leg Room: 32 cm

    Seat Height above Ground: 72 – 78 cm

    Seating: Type: captains seat, foam padding with vinyl covering, weight 21 kg
    Dimensions: width – 520 mm (overall width)
    depth – 570 mm (effective depth)
    seat height – 710 – 780
    back rest height – 850 mm

    Drive train: Rear-wheel drive, sealed transaxle, PGDT, 24-volt 1300 W DC motor

    Controller: S-drive 24V 120 Amp continuous – programmable

    Braking: Regenerative and electromechanical

    Tyres: Type: Pneumatic – tyre pressure front / rear ; 25 / 30 psi
    Front 100 mm x 330 mm (4” x 14”) pneumatic
    Rear: 100 mm x 330 mm (4” x 14”) pneumatic

    Suspension: Front and Rear adjustable spring

    Batteries: 2 x 12 V x 55 / 80 Ahr **

    Battery charger: Off board 5 Amp DC

    Overload switch: Note : Overload switch is on top of battery under cover under seat.

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