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    Karma Eagle Wheelchair


    Performance, Style and Comfort, Quality.

    Eagle is lightweight and foldable. Eagle comes with a Karma padded seat and backrest, swing away armrests and swing away removable footrests.

    Eagle operates with rear wheel drive and has adjustable rear-wheel and front castor positioning. Being both reliable and durable, Eagle is a good choice for both user and client.

    Eagle comes with swing away and removable leg rests, swing back armrests, quick release wheels and folding backrest.


    • Frame: Light weight aluminium
    • Footrest: Swing away removable
    • Armrest: Swing away with durafoam pads
    • Wheels: Quick release pneumatic tyres
    • Castors: Solid 8″
    • Brakes: Push to lock system
    • Seat: Fixed height (a little wider than standard)
    • Back: High back and folding
    • Upholstery: Washable
    • Karma seat padding 2 cm


    • Chassis material : Aluminium
    • Seat width : 48 cm
      Eaglefledgling has Seat Width of 46cm
      Eaglenest has Seat Width of 52cm
    • Seat depth : 46 cm
    • Total height : 93 cm
    • Total width : 66 cm
    • Total length : 108cm
    • Width folded : 31 cm
    • Armrest height : 24 cm
    • Seat height : 52 cm
    • Backrest height : 40 cm
    • Weight : 14.1 kg
    • Brakes : 2 rear wheel side
    • Rear wheels : 24″ grey pneumatic tyres with smooth hand rim
    • Front wheels : 8″ PVC front tyres
    • Storage / transport : Detachable footrests, rear wheels, and foldable seat back
    • Max Load : 130 kg

    Safety Instructions

    • It is the responsibility of the user to inform all other persons who use the wheelchair about possible dangers
    • When tilting and negotiating obstacles such as curbs and stairs, go slowly, carefully and cautiously
    • Always operate wheelchair as advised by doctor, physiotherapist  and as shown.
    • Do not use wheelchair on stairs or escalators
    • Maximum user weight is 130 kg
    • Children should not use wheelchair as this is not a toy.
    • Not suitable for visually impaired persons, because risk of injury outdoors is higher
    • Ensure wheelchair is fully open and wheels securely assembled
    • Ensure both brakes are activated when stationary
    • Do not stand or put pressure on foot plates when entering or exiting wheelchair
    • For safety it is recommended not to use outdoors when wet or below 0°C
    • Keep away from fire and heat
    • Do not use wheelchair as a ladder
    • Do not use as a seat in a vehicle
    • If the wheelchair is damaged, inform MS4H immediately and do not use until repaired or replaced
    • If necessary, clean with warm water and mild soap
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