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    Angelica – Drive Enigma Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Transit Wheelchair


    This stylishly designed wheelchair features two tone upholstery, desk style armrests for easy access to work surfaces and a handy rear storage pocket.

    The Enigma Ultra-lightweight aluminium wheelchair is designed for occasional or frequent use, and can be used indoors and outdoors. The wheelchair is designed for a single user of up to 115kg, depending upon the model purchased. The wheelchair is available in either a transit or self propel model.

    The wheelchair can be manually moved in forward and reverse and is propelled either by the wheelchair user or a carer, depending upon the model of wheelchair in use.

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    Seat Size

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    • Ultra-lightweight aluminium frame with single cross brace is strong and stable, yet very lightweight for transporting and easily folded for storage.
    • Half-folding backrest, quick-release footrests further facilitates storage and transportation
    • Grey two-tone upholstery offers comfortable support, is easy to clean and along with silver frame has an attractive appearance
    • Soft-touch fabric side panels improve comfort
    • Features handy rear pocket for storing items
    • Footrests easily adjust into one of five positions to suit user support requirements and swing out of the way to facilitate transfers
    • Desk-style armrests allow easy access to work surfaces
    • Two stepper tubes enable attendant to safely raise front wheels for mounting curbs
    • Two solid Polyurethane (PU) front tyres, 20cm in diameter are durable, low maintenance and assist with manoeuvrability
    • Long-reach brakes on rear tyres are easily activated by user or attendant for stable parking
    • Cranked push handles allow for compact folding
    • Cable brakes on rear handles provide attendant with immediate access to reduce speed or to lock for stable parking
    • 32cm (12.5) solid rubber rear wheels assist with manoeuvrability and are durable and low maintenance


    • Dimensions (when assembled): 95cm x 61cm x 97cm (L x W x H)
    • Dimensions (when folded or parts removed): 65cm x 28cm x 73cm (L x W x H)
    • Seat: 42cm x 39cm x 52cm (W x D x H)
    • Weight (total): 11.5 kg
    • Weight (without foot-rests): 10.2 kg
    • Max Capacity: 115 kg
    • Max Gradient: 10°
    • Wheels: Rear wheels 32 cm (12.5″) solid rubber assist with manoeuvrability and are durable and low maintenance
      Front wheels, Solid Polyurethane 20 cm (8″) diameter

    Safety Instructions

    • It is the responsibility of the user to inform all other persons who use the wheelchair about possible dangers
    • When tilting and negotiating obstacles such as curbs and stairs, go slowly, carefully and cautiously
    • Always operate wheelchair as advised by doctor, physiotherapist  and as shown.
    • Do not use wheelchair on stairs or escalators
    • Maximum user weight is 125 kg
    • Children should not use wheelchair as this is not a toy.
    • Not suitable for visually impaired persons, because risk of injury outdoors is higher
    • Ensure wheelchair is fully open and wheels securely assembled
    • Ensure both brakes are activated when stationary
    • Do not stand or put pressure on foot plates when entering or exiting wheelchair
    • For safety it is recommended not to use outdoors when wet or below 0°C
    • Keep away from fire and heat
    • Do not use wheelchair as a ladder
    • Do not use as a seat in a vehicle
    • If the wheelchair is damaged, inform MS4H immediately and do not use until repaired or replaced
    • Ensure the tyre pressure is between 45-50 psi – DO NOT over inflate
    • If necessary, clean with warm water and mild soap
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