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Fault Codes Curtis


    Curtis Controller Fault Codes - General

    BEEP Display Explanation Possible cause
    1,1 Thermal cutback over or under temperature 1. Temperature > 92°C or < -25°C; 2. Excessive load on vehicle. 3. Operation in Extreme enviroment. 4. Motor brake not releasing
    1,2 Throttle fault 1 throttle fault 1. Throttle input wire open or shorted. 2. Throttle pot defective. 3. Wrong throttle type selected.
    1,3 Speed limit pot fault speed limit pot fault 1. Speed limit pot wire broken 2. Speed limit pot faulty
    1,4 Low battery voltage battery voltage too low 1. Battery less 8.5 volts under load 2. Bad connection or large voltage drop
    1,5 Over voltage battery voltage too hig 1. Battery voltage gretaer than 18 volts 2. Intermittent battery connection 3. Charger supplying wrong voltage
    2,1 Main off fault main contactor driver off fault 1. Main contactor driver failed to open
    2,3 Main Cont Flts main contactor fault 1. Main contactor welded or stuck open 2. Brake coil resistance too high 3. Main contactor driver fault
    2,4 Main on fault main contactor driver on fault 1. Main contactor driver failed to close
    3,1 Proc/wiring fault HPD fault present for 10 sec 1. Misadjusted throttle pot 2. Faulty or worn throttle pot 3. Faulty or worn speed pot
    3,2 Brake on fault brake on fault 1. Motor brake manually released 2. Motor brake switch faulty 3. Motor brake wire disconnected
    3,3 Precharge fault precharge fault 1. Very low battery voltage 2. Keyswitch and throttle activated together
    3,4 Brake off fault brake off fault 1. Motor brake coil open 2. Motor brake coil shorted
    3,5 HPD HPD ( high pedal disable ) 1. Misadjusted throttle pot 2. Throttle activated before key switch
    4,1 Current sense fault current sense fault 1. Short in motor or wiring 2. Controller failure
    4,2 HW Failsafe motor voltage fault 1. Short in motor or wiring 2. Controller Failure 3. Voltage does not match throttle
    4,3 EEPROM fault EEPROM fault 1. EEPROM failure of fault
    4,4 Power section fault power section fault 1. EEPROM failure or fault 2. Short in motor or wiring 3. Controller failure
    4,5 Battery fault battery fault 1. check connectioons to battery and charge battery if necessary
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