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    Raspberry Attendant Controlled Electric Wheelchair

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    This high-performance electric wheelchair makes easy work of wheelchair assistance. Carer controlled, there is no need to manually push and can be driven indoors / outdoors with little to no effort…


    This high-performance electric wheelchair makes easy work of wheelchair assistance. Carer controlled, there is no need to manually push and can be driven indoors / outdoors with little to no effort.
    Capable of going over ramps and kerbs, this is the ideal wheelchair to take the strain off of your back.

    This wheelchair has an epoxy coated frame and anti tip wheels. The seat and backrest are made from a breathable mesh.

    The attendant controller is located above the backrest of the seat and houses the key ignition point, speed control dial, battery charge indicator, forward and reverse thumb levers and the bike like handle bars for steering.

    The battery charging point is located underneath the controller. The motor can be disengaged and the chair can be free wheeled by activating the lever (up / down) located underneath the seat to the right rear.

    Seat features a high backed, tension mesh seat with lumbar contouring. The backrest angle is fixed.

    Rear Castors are 50mm diameter, solid tyres.

    Front Wheels are 200mm diameter, solid tyres.

    Drive Wheels are 260mm diameter, pneumatic tyres.

    Legrests are swing away, removable and length adjustable.

    Footplates are flip-up with heel loops.

    Armrests are width adjustable, height adjustable, full length, padded, flip up and removable. To adjust armrest width, loosen the tension knob, slide the armrest frame to the desired width and tighten the tension knob.

    Controller includes a thumb lever style controller 70A S-Drive located above the backrest of the seat. It is mounted on an arm coming from the rear of the powered wheelchair.

    Brakes are electromagnetic.

    Batteries are two 12V 36Ah gel cell batteries that are self-contained and able to be removed from the frame. The wheelchair has an off board charger. To recharge the batteries, plug in charger and leave on until the next day. It maybe safely left on indefinitely, and batteries must be charged fortnightly to ensure long life.

    Method of use

    Transferring on and off the wheelchair requires good balance. To eliminate the possibility of injury, it is recommended performing the following tasks before attempting a transfer:
    – Position the chair so that the distance between your power chair and the object to which you are transferring is close enough for a safe transfer.
    – Turn the power off
    – Ensure that the power chair is not in freewheel mode.
    – Flip up or remove armrests.
    – Flip up footplate or remove footrests.
    – Turn both caster wheels towards the transfer direction to improve power chair stability during transfer.

    Driving the Wheelchair
    – Always ensure that the power is switched off when getting in or out of the wheelchair. This will eliminate the possibility of accidentally activating the joystick and causing injury to yourself or others.
    – Always check that the drive wheels are engaged (drive mode) before driving.
    – Set the speed control knob according to your driving ability and the environment in which you are going to operate.
    – Start with the speed at the slowest position (fully press the deceleration button) until familiar with the driving characteristics of the wheelchair.
    – It is recommended using the slowest speed when driving the wheelchair indoors.
    – Always reduce your speed when making sharp turns.
    – Do not switch off the power when the wheelchair is still moving forward. This will bring the chair to an extremely abrupt stop.
    – Avoid jerky stop, start motions as the will result in excessive current draw from the batteries, increased tire wear and the rapid wearing of the gear boxes and motors.
    – To brake in an emergency, release the joystick.

    Driving up ramps and kerbs
    – When driving up or down ramps, be sure to check that the angle of the slope is less than 10 degrees (slopes about 1/6). Also check that ramp surface is roughened to prevent slipping. Never drive across the slope or turn sharply on a slope.
    – When driving up curbs, always check the height of the curb to ensure that it does not exceed a height of 35mm.


    Item Specification
    Colour Red
    Length 1160mm
    Width 590mm
    Height 1030 mm
    Weight total 77kg
    Weight capacity 135 kg
    Turning radius 750 mm
    Maximum speed 5.0 km / hr
    Maximum range * 30 km ( in ideal conditions )
    Maximum slope 10 degree
    Seat size 510 mm
    Seat depth 480 mm
    Seat height front 500 mm
    Seat backrest height 585 mm
    Safety belt Yes
    Foot rests Swing away
    Wheels drive 260 mm x 85 mm pneumatic
    Wheels front castor 200 mm x 50 mm solid
    Wheels rear anti-tip 65 mm x 25 mm solid
    Motor 450 Watt
    Controller 70 Amp S-Drive
    Braking system Electromagnetic & Regenerative
    Batteries 2 x 12 V x 36ah
    Battery charger Off board 5 Amp

    * Varies with user weight, terrain type, battery charge, battery condition, and tyre condition.

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