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    Ralph Electric Tricycle Scooter

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    High performance electric tricycle scooter 48 V high torque, high power, high speed 25 kph, 4x 12V 20Ah batteries, does around 60+ km on a battery charge, this model with suspension, 100 kg load. (not for the kids or the elderly)(has not had much use)


    • E-Trike
    • 500W adult mobility tricycle electric – 3 wheel electric scooter
    • Certification: CE
    • Manufacturer : LVKANG
    • Model number : LEET7350
    • 48 V 500 W brushless high torque / high power, quiet motor / gearbox
    • High speed even up reasonable inclines
    • Twist grip throttle control – Twist intelligent speed control
    • Two speed switch
    • Variable maximum speed control in low speed setting
    • Armrest raise for easy access
    • Reclining seat
    • Seatbelt
    • Lockable storage compartment under seat
    • Select high / low speed options
    • 16″ wheels for smoother ride
    • Lights, horn, indicators, standard
    • Anti-thieft alarm
    • Forward and reverse operation
    • Powerful, light, quiet motor
    • Good climbing ability and speed
    • Automatic charger, switches off when charged


    Item Specification Details
    Performance Highest Speed About 25 km/hr NOTE : read the mph as kph
    Range * About 75 km See note below
    Safe climbing angle About 15° 60 kg riders up to 18°
    Battery 12 V, 4 x 18 Ah
    Temperature -10~40° C Best at 10°~30° C
    Capacity 100 kg
    Charging About 6 – 8 hrs AC 100V-240V,smart charger
    Motor 48 V 500 – 800 W Brushless Motor
    Controller 48V Intelligent brushless controller
    Suspension Front hydraulic, rear spring and damper
    Braking Electronic regenerative electromechanical, plus front and rear hand brakes
    Colour Silver
    Size 1350*750*1150 mm
    Display LED
    Wheel base 1080 mm
    Ground clearance 125 mm
    Rim Aluminium alloy
    Tire size 300-10
    Tire pressure 40 psi ( Do not under or over inflated ! )
    Nett weight 100 kg
    Rated load 100 kg
    Safety Measures Reverse Slow speed
    Continuous Beeping
    Emergency Flashers & Rear lights activated
    Speed limit protection Two speeds 0 – 16 km/hr plus variable max speed
    0 – 25 km/hr
    Hand brake Rear wheel lockable
    Low power protection Turns off when power below 10%
    Headlights Low and high beam Anti-thieft alarm
    Indicators Front and rear
    Alert Power and Error Power LED indicator Illuminates when on, flickers when protection activated
    Battery Power level indicator Like fuel gauge
    Alert sound Beep At power on; continual beep reversing
    Attachments Standard accessory Charger AC 100V-240V,smart charger
    Other accessories Rear view mirrors
    rear anti tip wheels
    Rear closed basket
    Glove box compartment lockable
    – 2 x cans
    Under seat storage lockable

    * Varies with user weight, terrain type, battery charge, battery condition, and tyre condition.

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