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    Parmaker Spirit

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    Parmaker Spirit three wheel golf buggy.

    The PARMAKER Spirit golf buggy is a no-nonsense, hard working golf buggy designed for use by those who need to cruise the course in style.

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    Parmaker Spirit

    Parmaker Spirit three wheel golf buggy.

    The PARMAKER Spirit golf buggy is a no-nonsense, hard working golf buggy designed for use by those who need to cruise the course in style.

    The Spirit is perfect for people weighing less than 100 kilograms (16 stone) who play on moderately hilly courses. If you weigh more than 100kgs, or frequently play on extremely hilly courses, then you should consider the Parmaker Spirit Ghia.

    Break it down
    Despite its power and strength the Spirit golf buggy is still incredibly easy to fold up and stash away in the boot of your car. Even the smallest car boots can usually accommodate the Spirit.

    Click here for Spirit technical specifications (PDF)

    Renowned PARMAKER reliability
    Everything written so far about the use of space-age, lightweight materials and sophisticated manufacturing techniques for the Scout is equally applicable to the Spirit. It is is strong, light, simple, reassuringly sturdy and will fit into almost any car boot.

    Parmaker Explorer Ghia

    Parmaker Explorer Ghia four wheel golf buggy.

    The Explorer Ghia golf buggy is Parmaker’s top-of-the-range 4 wheeler buggy. It is simply the safest, easiest and most secure way to play golf without the inconvenience or expense of 2 seater Buggies.

    Ease of use
    The Explorer Ghia allows you to follow your own ball with the quiet satisfaction and comfort only an electric buggy can offer. There’s no more of the zigzagging fairways and falling behind that you experience with 2 seater Buggies.

    2 x 500 watt motors ensure you cover the course without breaking into a sweat. The Explorer Ghia also comes with reverse gear built in, a larger seat and a foot-operated brake.

    Being electric, conversation is never in danger of being drowned out with an Explorer Ghia.

    An Explorer Ghia golf buggy is still approximately half the price of conventional 2 seater golf Buggies (and without any of the 2 seater hassles).

    Break it down
    Like all Parmaker products, the Explorer Ghia golf buggy folds down with ease and, with a Parmaker Car Carrier, can be easily transported from home to course and back again (alleviating any problems with parking or storing a trailer).

    Standard extras
    Your Explorer Ghia comes with a larger seat and reverse gar as standard.

    Click here for Spirit technical specifications (PDF)

    Car carrier
    If you prefer to keep your boot free for other things, just get a Parmaker Car Carrier and your Explorer Ghia will neatly fit on the back.  Pic of the Car Carrier above.
    Suits all ride-on models.


    Parmaker golf buggies are portable in most cars.

    Parmaker golf buggies are stronger, lighter and more reliable than other brands.

    Parmaker golf buggies remain resolutely ‘Australian-made’.

    Parmaker manufacture the entire machine, and so the right part is always on hand to dispatch to you the same day (if you need it).

    Parmaker offers a 100%, 28 Day Money Back Guarantee, conditions apply.

    Base prices …
    Parmaker Spirit 2,240.00
    Parmaker Explorer Ghia 3,300.00

    When you purchase your Parmaker golf buggy, you get the opportunity to the following offers …
    1. trade-in your old buggy -100.00
    2. 5 yr warranty – 299.00
    3. 2x GEL batteries – 500.00 for the Spirit and 700.00 for the Explorer Ghia
    4. Need a charger – 12V to charge one battery 125.00 ea, 24V to charge both at once 350.00
    5. Car carrier – 175.00
    6. Golf bag carry frame – 75.00


    Parmaker Spirit and Explorer Ghia golf buggies are sold and serviced by Mobility Scooters for Hire Sale Service.

    Our service department has the equipment and skills to repair any Parmaker buggy if the need ever should arise.

    Batteries and other consumables are available and parts also.

    5 Year Warranty on your golf buggy or ride on
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