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    Marshell (Three Wheel Portable Mobility Scooter)

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    Small three wheeler Compact and able to be taken apart for transport, by small car, heaviest piece is about 15 kg…


    • Well thought out unit making travel with this scooter easy
    • Suitable for smooth terrain only
    • Separates into 3 piece’s for travel, seat, battery and body.
    • Max lifting weight about 15 kg, fits easily into small car boots.
    • With the 3 wheels and easy touch controller you can use these effortlessly in shopping centre isles.
    • Grey wheels for reduced floor marking at home and in shopping centres


    Specification Details
    Max Speed About 7.5 km/hr
    Range About 10 km Depending on rider’s weight, road condition and temperature
    Safe climbing angle About 13°
    Battery 12 V, 12 Ah x 2
    Motor 24 V 250 W
    Controller 24V 50 Amp
    Charger 24V 2 Amp
    Recharge time about 6 – 8 hr
    Temperature -10°~40° C Best at 10°~30° C
    Net weight 43 kg
    Max piece weight 15 kg
    Max loading 90 kg
    Suspension Springs
    Brakes Electric
    Chassis Steel
    Dimensions – overall 1040*505*885 mm
    Ground clearance 125mm
    Tire size 3 x Ф200 mm Pneumatic
    Headlights Nil
    Indicators Nil
    Alert sound Nil
    Other accessories Nil
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