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    Meet The Mambo an absolute unit. The most capable mobility machine in the game. From a hike through the park, to the wedding reception dance floor.
    The Mambo keeps you moving in synch with the rhythm of life, giving you the power to confidently power forward anywhere your path leads.
    Indoors or out, whatever adventure you seek, keep dancing through life with the people you love.


    Mambo the all-terrain mobility machine is designed for use at home or for your urban, or actual jungle adventures. Go as you please without boundaries.

    Super light

    Mambo high-performance, ultra-capable mobility unit boasts plush, environmentally safe, PU micro porous cushions, 10″ vacuum PU tyres, all-wheel with a tight turning radius to maneuver around compact spaces with its unique omni-wheels, a 15 degree climbing slope and a maximum weight bearing capacity of 150 kg, due to the powerful motors, all in a super light-weight and durable Magnesium Alloy Aluminum Skeleton with polycarbonate-silicon co-polymer molded parts.
    And did we mention it’s portable? The front-wheels frame, rear-wheels frame, seat & battery are all quick-release and easy to assemble and disassemble in 15 seconds.


    Mambo very easily splits into four super light parts, that are easily lifted and fits into almost any vehicle.
    Now you can travel in a vehicle and take your adventure to a new level, visit the zoo, any park, into the city centre, etc. And don’t forget it is totally compatiple with any public transport.

    Relax & Recharge

    Artificial intelligence = real safety.
    Wherever you’re headed, we want you to relax, enjoy the ride & live your life fully-charged.
    That’s why we’ve designed the Mambo with state-of-the-art 24V/500W high-torque smart motors which means you can hold tight on inclines and hills without ever slipping, a safe max speed of 6 kph and 27 kilometer range plus extra battery slots for a total of 75 kilometer range, giving you the freedom to roam as far as you wish.

    Mambo’s ultra-fluid driving experience is enabled by the ergonomic joystick, smooth-control technology, plus the most impressive artificial intelligence system available to ensure it is the absolute safest product on the market. Auto braking by infr-red sensor when anything comes in front of it, auto slowing when turning or going down hills, electronic braking to stop the Mambo from rolling backwards on a hill, and smart “iot” technology * to be used for both GPS tracking and sharing.
    It’s simply the smartest, safest, most stylish mobility chair ever made !

    And it can all be controlled in the palm of your hand from your smart phone.

    * “IoT” technology is “the internet of things”. IoT is the ability for things that contain embedded technologies to sense, communicate, interact, and collaborate with other things, over the internet or by bluetooth, thus creating a network of physical objects.


    Brake Better
    We feature only the highest quality, top-of-the-line braking system on each and every one of our products to ensure maximum performance and safety for our rider.

    The braking system can hold the chair on slopes, whenever you drive or stop. It won’t move even if you remove the battery.

     State-of-the-Art Motor Systems
    Our products boast the most precise and impressive high torque smart motor system available, defining peak performance and providing the extra punch needed to power our riders anywhere they want to go.

    Sleek Design
    An industrial design incorporating the smooth, seamless lines of modern art with the materials and colours of contemporary culture carries our riders where they want to be in style.

     Safe & Comfortable
    Mambo chair is soft and offers a safe a nd fluid driving experience. Made of Japanese Nano Material Sponge, Comfortable and Breathable.

    The fashionable design gives you more confidence to go out with family and friends.

    The ergonomic hand control joystick has a very responsive control, which is a key safety consideration.
    With Smooth Control Technology, the mambo understands your driving intention, and makes it very easy to learn, even great fun.

     Unique Omni Wheels
    the unique Omni Wheels of mambo wheelchair let’s you choose your own path from curb, to cobblestones, to grass, allowing you to go courageously to parks, beach and yards anywhere.

     Longer Battery Life
    We strategically selected the longest lasting batteries on the market to match the safety and longevity of everything else about our products. Because the key criterion of pursuing our passion to provide the world the freedom of movement is responsibility.

    Smart Lithium power – now you can choose

    We have designed a flexible battery solution for mambo, which can be equipped with several high performance lithium-ion packs with adequate energy but easy to carry.

    The battery pack uses uses 18650 automotive grade lithium power cores which makes the power which makes the power output stronger and has a longer range.

    At the same time the battery pack is small and removable, and can be carried home to charge at any time.

    Battery packs can be purchased separately.
    Charging volume with display.
    Easy removable.


    • Maximum range of 27 km (up to 75 km with added on board extra batteries) *
    • Light battery Lithium
    • Top speed of 6 kph
    • Electromagnetic brake system
    • Dismantles for easy transport by vehicle
    • Weight capacity 150kg
      * Depends on user mass, terrain and battery condition


    • Available Colours: White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Grey, Bronze
      (Std colour is white, other colours maybe available and can be pre-ordered for next shipment)
    • Length: 98 cm
    • Width: 55 cm
    • Height: 74-94 cm
    • Seat Size: 40×40 cm
    • Weight: 28.5 kg w/o battery
    • Weight Capacity: 150 kg
    • Turning radius: 76 cm
    • Maximum speed: 6 km / hr
    • Maximum range *: Up to 20 km ( in ideal conditions )
    • Maximum slope: 10°
    • Ground clearance: 8 cm
    • Obstacle Ability: 6 cm
    • Suspension Stroke: 2 cm
    • Motor: 500 Watt DC Motors
    • Control Operation: Hand pad (light)
    • Braking: Electronic and Electromagnetic Braking
    • Tyres: Rear : 10″ vacuum PU solid honeycomb tyre
      Front : Omni wheels for all terrains
    • Batteries: 24 V 10 Ah (418 Wh) LG Li-Ion Plus
    • Battery charger: Off board x Amp
    • Shipping Details (boxed): 50 kg 88x59x49 cm Colourful carton packed in polystyrene

    * Varies with user weight, terrain type, driving style, battery charge, battery condition, temperature, and tyre / wheel type and condition. Information taken from manufacturers specifications.

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