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    Lion AGM Battery HZB-EV12-18

    Product Description

    Premium Absorbed Glass Matt Technology.Designed for increased durability and enhanced deep cycle ability for heavy demand applications.Totally sealed allowing for multi position usage capabilities and flexibility to locate into difficult situations.Non spill AGM design technology provides enhanced user safety and confidence.

    A deep cycle battery suitable for Mobility devices and other items requiring deep discharge / recharge on frequent occasions.Economical and reliable. 12 months warranty.Other sizes of rechargeable and deep cycle batteries available, including uses such as recreational, marine, motorcycle, automobile, fork lift and motive powers, communications, and stand by applications. Please contact.Mobility Scooters for Hire is an authorised reseller of Lion Batteries.


    • Weight: 5.9 kg
    • Length: 18.1 cm
    • Width: 7.6 cm
    • Height: 16.7 cm

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