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    Esteem(Lotus Blake Esteem Deluxe Mid-Size Mobility Scooter)

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    Lotus Blake Esteem Deluxe Large mid sized scooter Advanced Balance Technology 4 Spring Seat with Lotus Blake pannier / rear shopping bag. Comfortable, 2 hp 4 pole motor. Real 4 wheel suspension. Safest and most stable.


    Patented engineering in this advanced chassis design allows the batteries and electronics to be inserted in the front of the scooter creating a static 50:50 weight distribution.
    At least 200% more stable than most older designs. Zinced and plastic dip coated and rust proofed for long life

    By using lightweight alloy wheels, advanced dual wishbone suspension arms and tuned with hydraulic shock absorbers with coil over springs a remarkably low un sprung weight has been achieved.
    Creating a super smooth ride with extraordinary handling and stability. One short ride and you will be amazed.

    New transaxle with compressed sinterd gear set smoothly technology delivers 2 horsepower on demand.

    Unique 50:50 weight distribution creates amazing stability

    Solid cornering stability, like a modern sports car.

    Safe and stable on even the most severe slopes.

    The seat uses 4 high tension springs overlayed with molded foam rubber and is finished in a durable automotive synthetic leather. This is a really comfortable seat

    Enjoy scooting about your neighbourhood on the remarkable Esteem scooter.
    Safely travel in comfort to the shops, off to church, or to meet friends.
    The Esteem is small, lightweight and very manouverable. Inside and outside the
    Esteem is right at home. The computer designed suspension and steering geometry
    with a short wheelbase make tight turns a breeze. 4 wheel independent suspension
    and good ground clearance mean the Esteem handles the rough going comfortably.
    Handling and cornering is very precise and so smooth. Easy and very light to steer.
    Patented balance technology creates a 50:50 front to rear weight distribution. Far
    more stable and much safer than older designs. A major advance in scooter design.
    No anti tip wheels are required as on older designs. You can’t get caught up.
    Hydraulic shock absorbers all round provide a ride comfort comparable to a modern
    car. Cracks in the footpath don’t have to send shocks through your spine.
    The hi torque motor produces substantial power easily and efficiently.
    Amazing performance and endurance in a small package. Easy to transport or store.
    After years in the market the data shows the Esteem proven to be reliable and durable.
    The new Esteems builds on the fabulous reputation of this great scooter. Enjoy.

    The Esteem Deluxe   The scooter that sets the standard

    High Performance 4 pole DC Motor.

    3 stage compressed sintered gears set. Smooth and Quiet

    Dual control arm bushed suspension  Easy precise steering

    Reduced unsprung weight. Greatly improves riders comfort

    World Class efficiency. Less Battery current for better range and life

    montana transmissionThis is the most advanced motor and transaxle assembly ever conceived and built for an electric mobility scooter. The motors are state of the art.
    High powered new material world leading rare earth magnets with latest technology windings, laminates and glues. The light weight gear case encloses precision powdered sintered compressed gears. The highest quality Japanese bearings and seals are combined with the latest technology in the very best synthetic lubricant. Small purpose built Accent precision drive couplings finish the drive train to the wheels. This is something to be proud of. 8 years in development and endurance tested under load for 2,000 hours without a brush change. Expensive technology but the outcome is well worth it. This is not an adapted water pump gearbox. It really delivers smooth efficient power like never before.


    Magnesium Version
    Patented Balance technology
    15 kph
    4 Spring Seat
    2 HP 24 Volt 4 Pole Hi Torque motor
    Real 4 Wheel Independent Suspension
    Rubber bushed dual wishbonesHydraulic shock absorbers
    100 mm one peice alloy rimsNo 2 Outdoor Scooter
    Safest and most stable
    Large Capacity Digital speedometer and odometer
    Awarded Best Mobility Product


    Item Specification
    Colour Bright Red
    Length 1200 mm
    Width 635 mm
    Height overall max 1410 mm
    Weight total 107 kg
    Weight w/o batteries 87 kg
    Weight heaviest part 30 kg
    Weight capacity 125 kg
    Maximum speed 11.0 km / hr (two speed switch slow speed 5 kph)
    Maximum range * 28 km ( in ideal conditions )(suggested 15 km)
    Ground clearance 125 mm
    Seating 360 ° swivel, forward / aft, lift up arm rests, reclining,
    Tiller (steering) Adjustable with delta handle bar
    Other features Lights front / rear, indicators, horn, speedo / odometer / clock (new)
    Front Suspension Independent double wish bone
    Rear Suspension Independent double wish bone
    Motor / Drive train 24-volt 70 Amp (2 hp) 4 pole DC motor / differential with drive shafts
    Control operation Wigwag paddle, variable speed and delta handle bar
    Dual Braking Electronic, regenerative and electromechanical
    Tyres Type: pneumatic
    Front 300 – 4
    Rear: 300 – 4
    Batteries 2 x 12 V x 28/30 Ah recommend Drypower 12SB30C
    Battery charger Off board 24 Volt 4 Amp

    * Varies with user weight, terrain type, driving style, battery charge, battery condition, temperature, and tyre condition.

    Additional Information



    Our team of talented people set out to create mobility scooters that are safer, smoother and easier to use.   The outcome is stunning.  World leading products in every way. And by a long way.

    Lotus Blake scooters uses patented advanced balance technology to create the most stable scooter ever designed. This is a remarkable step forward in small electric vehicle design. It creates a stability and ride comfort that simply obsoletes older designs.

    Most scooters today run quite simple steering and suspension designs more akin to a billy cart. The Lotus Blake designs are more like a modern sports car. Quite simply this results in a scooter that is far more stable, goes exactly where you steer it, is easy to control, absorbs shocks and bumps and provides a ride comfort not imagined before. Durability and strength are greatly increased.

    All components are specifically designed to be superior. Magnesium and carbon fiber composites are now incorporated in the latest  designs. Take for example the wheel rims built by Lotus Blake. A lightweight design using advanced alloys with integrated hub. About half the weight of current rims. Combined with strong  and lighter stub axles and control arms this more than halves the un sprung weight creating a float on air ride comfort. An advanced concept in scooter design.

    No detail has been overlooked in the total design of our scooter. This is not a copy of a copy. All facets of chassis function and design have been carefully considered by a team of skilled and motivated engineers creating a totally new design that quite frankly obsoletes most older scooters.
    Lotus Blake is now a world renowned niche engineering and manufacturing firm. Our products enjoy a cult following in the markets. Customers are adoring of the product.
    Real Quality isn’t expensive. Its Priceless

    Patents apply or have been applied for most of the design innovations.


    Everything below is as written by the manufacturers.

    This example for sale is second hand but presents as brand new.
    Real leather seat, inner sprung, and leather handle bars.
    Rear shopping bag included.
    Drives like the “Rolls Royce” of scooters, very smooth, stable and comfortable.

    It was bought by a person who did not recover enough to operate the scooter.

    This Lotus Blake Esteem deluxe is sold with three months warranty. The batteries have no warranty.

    The Lotus Blake Esteem Deluxe as above sells new for 4,285.00.
    This example is for sale for 1,950.00, a saving of 2,335.00 (38%) to the buyer.

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