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    Easytake AD901(Three Wheel Foldable Suitcase Mobility Scooter)

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    Suitcase Fold Up Travel Scooter, indoors / outdoors (smooth footpaths, shopping centres, holiday trips) Does not slipt into two parts Battery Lithium Ion 48V 5.2Ah 250Wh Electronic braking, Electro-magnetic brake 6 Speed, thumb control 8 kph 20 ..


    EASYTAKE AD901 mobility scooter has the ability to be carried around like a suitcase.

    EASYTAKE AD901 is one of the the most compact scooter of its type when in suitcase mode, and most streamlined.

    EASYTAKE AD901 does not split into two parts.

    EASYTAKE AD901 is ideal for use indoors and outdoors where the terrain is reasonable (eg. indoors, outdoor smooth footpaths..

    EASYTAKE AD901 has been developed to ensure a focus on stability and safety.

    EASYTAKE AD901 is a foldable into a suitcase and can be carried in the smallest of vehicles.

    EASYTAKE AD901 mobility scooter has electronic braking and a disc brake to hold on hills.

    EASYTAKE AD901 is approved by the Airlines. Please check with airline before booking travel.


    • CE certified
    • Maximum range of 30 km on full battery charge
    • Battery Lithium Ion 48V 5.2Ah 250Wh
    • Top speed of 8 kph*
    • 6 Key selected speeds
    • Automatic electronic engine brake system slows scooter and electromagnetic brake holds scooter on slopes and hills, without reversing
    • Fold down seat and scooter into a suitcase format
    • Weight capacity 120kg

      * Depends on user mass, terrain and battery condition


    Item Specification
    Colours White Pink Blue Orange Red
    Length 1250 mm (folded 400 mm)
    Width 585 mm (folded 430 mm)
    Height overall max 950 mm (folded 700 mm)
    Weight total with battery 33 kg
    Weight capacity 120 kg
    Turning radius 135 cm
    Maximum speed 8 kph
    Maximum range * 25 km ( in ideal conditions )
    Maximum slope 15 degree
    Ground clearance 13 cm
    Motor 48-volt 250 Watt DC Motor
    Control operation Thumb Control (light)
    Braking Electronic engine Braking
    Tyres Type: solid PU rubber; 8″ front, 9″ rear
    Battery 48V x 5.2 Ah (249.6 Wh) Lithium Ion
    Battery charger Off board 2 Amp charging voltage 54.6 V
    Transport size 33kg 70x43x40 cm
    Shipping details (boxed) 42kg 83x53x48 cm (not in original box)

    * Varies with user weight, terrain type, driving style, battery charge, battery condition, temperature, and tyre condition. Information taken from manufacturers specifications.

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