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Comodo SSL Certificate


    Secure transfer of personal information

    Internet users are becoming more aware of the need to see an “https” prefix in their address bar, or the padlock icon on their browser when they submit personal information. Without these indicators of security, you maybe less likely to take action.

    An SSL certificate enables our website to be able to accept and transmit confidential information securely over an encrypted Internet connection. In layman’s terms, this provides you with the means to make payment and send sensitive information.

    This will give you confidence if you wish to visit our online store, send / receive sensitive data, log in to view information, to ensure you avoid phishing scams or other problems, or if we are required to comply with privacy and security regulations.

    Comodo has a well-earned reputation in the Web Security Industry. They provide the display of a special icon on our pages informing visitors that our site is secure.

    We always ensure that our security certificates are up-to-date on our website to provide the best protection during your browsing experience.

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