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Uriel is an older design sturdy stainless steel electric wheelchair, suitable for home and outside use.
With detachable footrests, easy to disengage rear wheel drive, hand brakes on both sides and an easily removable chair, it is able to fit into most large car boots or station wagons / 4WD's.

Pneumatic rear tyres give a comfortable ride, and solid stainless steel construction gives a secure feeling for the rider.

Very good and easy to operate drive control unit.

18 Ah batteries will provide sufficient power to keep you going for outings or around the home.

A comfortable contour padded chair, and padded arm rests.
The tall seat back can be reclined for times of resting.

And a seatbelt to keep passenger secure in the seat.


Uriel Electric Wheelchair right side
Uriel Electric Wheelchair left side
Uriel Electric Wheelchair front
Uriel Electric Wheelchair rear view
Uriel Electric Wheelchair reclining



  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • 315 mm pneumatic rear tyres
  • 150 mm PU solid front tyres
  • Easily disengage drive from wheels for free-wheeling
  • Smooth hand rim tube and hand bars for easy wheeling
  • Comfortable contoured padded chair seat with seat belt
  • Tall reclining seat back
  • Seat belt
  • Hand brakes, one on each side
  • Detachable height adjustable foot rests
  • Detachable height adjustable arm rests
  • Easily removable chair
  • Removable footrests
  • Fits into large car boots



  • Chassis material : Polished stainless steel
  • Seat width : 45 cm
  • Seat depth : 46 cm
  • Brakes : 2 side brakes
  • Rear wheels : 13" grey pneumatic tyre with smooth hand rim
  • Tyre inflation 45 psi - DO NOT over inflate max 45 psi
  • Front wheels : 6" PU front tyres
  • Storage / transport : Detachable footrests and seat.
  • Max Load : 110kg
  • Drive Motors : 2 x 300 Watt rear drive, high torque
  • Drive Mechanism : Sealed gearbox
  • Speed : 6 kph
  • Incline Capability : 10 °
  • Braking : Intelligent Electronic Braking
  • Height seat to floor : 49.5cm
  • Net weight : 18.6 kg
  • Min transport size 60 x 103 x 90 cm


Safety Instructions:

  • It is the responsibility of the user to inform all other persons who use the wheelchair about possible dangers
  • When tilting and negotiating obstacles such as curbs and stairs, go slowly, carefully and cautiously
  • Always operate wheelchair as advised by doctor, physiotherapist  and as shown.
  • Do not use wheelchair on stairs or escalators
  • Maximum user weight is 110 kg
  • Children should not use wheelchair as this is not a toy.
  • Not suitable for visually impaired persons, because risk of injury outdoors is higher
  • Do not stand or put pressure on foot plates when entering or exiting wheelchair
  • For safety it is recommended not to use outdoors when wet or below 0°C
  • Keep away from fire and heat
  • Do not use wheelchair as a ladder
  • Do not use as a seat in a vehicle
  • If the wheelchair is damaged, inform MS4H immediately and do not use until repaired or replaced
  • Ensure the tyre pressure is 45 psi - DO NOT over inflate
  • If necessary, clean with warm water and mild soap


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