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Invacare Reo Azalea manual wheelchair
Invacare Reo Azalea Assist Wheelchair
Azalea manual
Aluminium and steel, rear wheel drive, transit or self propelled wheelchair. This wheelchair comes with BOTH options. Azalea is fully adjustable in seat angle, height and backrest with ELECTRIC tilt in space and reclining backrest. The wheelchair is suitable for youth and adult use, and is crash tested. Invacare Reo Azalea wheelchairs are of the highest quality. This chair is as brand new and comes with Roho quadracell high profile cushion and gel foot protection covers, new cost over $5,000.00.

Excellent condition

Excellent value


Uriel electric wheelchair
Rear-wheel drive E-chair, older sturdy and comfortable stainless steel design, seat and foot rests are removable for transport, good control, Nice ! New 18 Ah batteries, 6 kph, 110 kg load
(33 Ah batteries maybe fitted for extra cost)

Good condition

Great value

Pride Go Chair
Go-Chair® provides super portability, super manoeuvrability and super style, for flat, level and smooth ground, ideal around the home, nursing home, or in the shopping centre, 12 Ah batteries, 5.6 kph, 113 kg load.

Very Good condition

PEW power electric wheelchair Blue berry

Power Electric Wheelchairs ™
Very manoeuvrable, very comfortable, with seat belt, designed for inside / outside use, able to tackle slopes, 33 Ah batteries, 6 kph, 115 kg load

This E-chair is new, used as demo, the seat leather has manufacturing fault so is covered by a nice car seat cover, very nicely done.
Save 40% on new price !

See the Power Electric Wheelchairs website

Good condition
As new
<< see note

Excellent value



Frontier DX2 Electric Wheelchair
Frontier DX2 Electric Wheelchair
This wheelchair has tilt-in-space seating with easy user controls, reclining seat back, attendant control facility, Roho air cell adjustable cushion, easy to use foot plate. Designed for the long term user.
comes with brand new 55 AH AGM Lion deep cycle batteries and 8 Amp battery charger.
Invoiced price 10,300.00 Our s/h price only 26%
Good condition 2,700.00
Shoprider Cougar 14

Cougar is ergonomically engineered to provide the ultimate combination of style and comfort with very powerful 1kW each smooth motors, mid wheel maneuverability, and comfortable 54 cm (22") wide seating with seat belt for a safe and comfortable ride. Ideal for both inside and outside use on even ground and can travel long distances between charges. Seat can be removed for transport. New 50 Ah GEL batteries, fast 8 kph, 135 kg load.

Fair condition
but goes very well
sunrunner te-777
Small 3 wheel scooter suitable for flat surfaces. Comfortable with pneumatic scuff free grey tyres, flexible seating, suitable for recuperating leg conditions. 2x brand new 18 Ahr batteries for extended travel, 5 kph, 90 kg load Good and nice condition 500.00
SupaScoota HD-01+2
The lightest disability scooter ever.
This is the heavy duty model with seat suspension and two motors, powerful. Use indoors / outdoors, at the supermarket, in the city, bus / train / cruise ship, on your next holiday. 12 Ah batteries, 6.5 kph, 125 kg load (suitable cruise ships / air travel)

Excellent condition
Like new

Save $$$$

Drive Scout mobility scooter
Fully dismantable, portable, popular. Ideal for forgiving terrain indoors / outdoors (smooth paths, shopping centres, etc). Delta handle bars for those with delicate hands. 12Ah batteries. 6.5 khp. 130 kg capacity.
(suitable cruise ships / air travel)

Very Good condition

Drive Scout mobility scooter
RED or BLUE Fully dismantable, portable, popular. Ideal for forgiving terrain indoors / outdoors (smooth paths, shopping centres, etc). Delta handle bars for those with delicate hands. 20 Ah batteries. 6.5 khp. 130 kg capacity.
(suitable cruise ships / air travel)


Drive Medical Style +
Style +
Style +      Upgrade of the Scuttlebus - features a deluxe cushioned seat for a more comfortable ride, all round suspension and the next generation splitting mechanism for easy storage and transportation. Faster 7.2 kph top speed, 12 Ah batteries, 136 kg load.    Nice !


Drive Scout mobility scooter
Compact four wheel mobility scooter with nice seat, designed for indoor use and level or gently sloping surfaces. Able to be dismantled into six different parts for transportation or storage purposes. Delta handle bars for those with delicate hands. 18Ah batteries. 6.0 khp. 136 kg capacity.

Excellent condition

Pride Traveller
Car to shop to car, lightweight small, blue trim, easy disassembly for transport. Suitable for smooth ground with 18 Ahr batteries, 7.25 km/hr for faster all day driving, thumb control. max load 136 kg

Very Good condition

Pride Traveller
Fully portable, lightweight small, easy disassembly for transport. Suitable for smooth ground with 18 Ahr batteries and 7.25 km/hr for faster all day driving, thumb control. max load 136 kg

Very Good condition

Pride Traveller
Go-Go 2
Dismantable / portable, lightweight small, easy disassembly for transport. Suitable for smooth ground with 18 Ahr batteries and 7.25 km/hr for faster all day driving, thumb control. max load 136 kg

Very Good condition

Gecko GK10 Shoprider portable mobility scooter
High performance portable all-rounder unique styling tubular frame, innovative latch-lock system, makes disassembling easy to stow into average sized boot. A bit more comfortable and will handle gutters with care. Easy hand grip controls, 12 Ah batteries, 6.5 kph, 116 kg capacity.

Very Good condition

Heartway S11 Zen Portable Mobility Scooter

Zen is a stylish lightweight, compact, portable mobility scooter ideal for easy transportation. Featuring large wheels, this machine is ideal for family outings to the park or for traveling around the shopping centre.
And as the only portable mobility scooter with centre post rear suspension, it is in a class on its own as far as comfort on paths is concerned. 2 available, both blue, excellent pricing, 14.5 Ah Lithium batteries, 8 kph, 135 kg load. Eve & Chris Mitchell 9716 3894


Very good
(very slight panel damage)



Goanna GK10 Shoprider largest portable mobility scooter
Largest easily fully dismantable and portable scooter on the market, true mid size, with large 36 Ahr split apart batteries and pneumatic tyres this is truly a luxury go anywhere on hard ground machine.  Delta handle bars for those with delicate hands. A few minor scuff marks from transporting but otherwise like new. For transport it is heavy and bulky. Needs a bigger boot or wagon. Ideal inner city machine. Great 8 kph speed and 130 kg capacity. Very Good condition 2,490.00
Pride Victory
Path Runner
AMAZING ! Just like it came out of the box - never been ridden. Small to mid sized scooter older model Pride Victory. Two brand new 33Ah GEL batteries, this scooter is ideal for indoor and outdoor driving, making it perfect for the one who needs something light but sturdy and a bit faster, like in retirement village. Excellent value ! 33 Ah Gel batteries, 9km speed. 150kg load. AS NEW !
Excellent condition
FreeRider 3 wheeler Mid size
Mid size compact 3 wheel, extreme manoeuvrability with very good leg room. Great versatile and stable scooter for any ground, very light thumb control and very comfortable with larger wheels and rear suspension, 2x new 33 Ah batteries, 7.5 km/hr. 135 kg load Very Good condition 890.00
FreeRider 3 wheeler Mid size
Mid size, long, fast,3 wheeler, extremely manoeuvrable with amazing leg room, stretch your legs. Good stable scooter for any solid ground, thumb control and very comfortable, fast 9 km/hr. An older model, very hard to get now - new or old. 33 Ah batteries with onboard charger. 136 kg load Average condition 990.00
Invacare Pegasus
Medium Large Three Wheel Scooter, built with safety, reliability and comfort in mind. Full lights incl brakes, delta handle bars, luxury seat. Extra features to others are handbrake, automatically slows in corners. 10 km/hr, 44Ah batteries. 136 kg load
Tri-Pegasus has had little use, and is like new, very nice to drive, with safety and comfort of users in mind.

Very good condition


FreeRider 3 wheeler Mid size
A robust, powerful, fast, outdoor scooter with high back seat, road tested lighting, complete safety and perfect control, capable of off road use with 70 Ahr batteries, and easy to use controls. Offering full all-round suspension to make all your journeys even more comfortable, with super tight turning ability. 15 kph, 175 kg load

Very nice condition

Available soon

Pathrider 10 mobility scooter
Mary and Martha
Mid size high performance scooter. Solid wide tyres makes this a go anywhere on solid ground machine. Small LED footpath light, Can be dismantled for transport but heaviest part is 31 kg. 33 Ahr batteries, 9 kph, 135 kg load. Excellent inner city machine. Mary has some wear and worn tyres but goes well, Martha is in very good order. Good


very good

1, 450.00
Lotus Blake Esteem Delux
Esteem Deluxe
Lotus Blake Esteem Deluxe Large mid sized scooter Advanced Balance Technology 4 Spring Seat. Comfortable, 2 hp 4 pole motor. Real 4 wheel suspension. Safest and most stable. Awarded Best Mobility product. 26 Ah batteries, 125 kg load, 11 kph. A good looker. Good condition 1,450.00
Shoprider Explorer 888SE mobility scooter
Explorer 888SE is a compact scooter, with suspension and very comfortable seat. For a mid size scooter it has large 50 Ah batteries and 260 mm tyres for safety & comfort, and its superb reliability is further enhanced by the rear wheel drive and electromagnetic brake. 50 Ah batteries, 136 kg load, 8 kph. A beautiful traansporter. Very Good condition 2,200.00
Mobility Works Brumby
Medium Large Scooter Easy to Manoeuvre in vivid blue. Full lights package c/w brake / reverse lights. Full great suspension with Wanda tyres. Adjustable delta handle bars with wigwag control, High back capitol fully adjustable seat, armrests. Powerful 4 pole motor, 10 km/hr, 44ah batteries. 120 kg load
Mobility Works Brumby for practicality ticks all the boxes.

Very good


As new

big eyes SS700

BigEyes / J70FL / J70  / Outdoor Robust Medium Large A modern designed mid range mobility scooter, comprising of wide 12' tyres, great ground clearance, plenty of grunt, Big Eyes will get you where you want to go with ease and precision, and in comfort. Showing a bit of impact damage but not of concern, and this scooter is a generic brand with hundreds of sisters, parts not a problem, excellent value ! 120kg load, near new 44 Ah battery, 10 kph

Good condition 1,450.00
Pride Ultimate 4XL
Large, and comfortable. Suitable for heavy people and with big batteries and full suspension, 180 kg load. Needs a new brain ! Good condition for sale soon


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